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Army Men Strike is the ultimate war game combining real-time strategy, defense, resource control and simulation gaming in a mobile experience! Based on the toy army of your childhood you must defend your headquarters against the enemy, and attack using a powerful combination of tactics to win the miniature World War between your green army and those of your opponents! Lead an epic army of green soldiers, remote-control planes, powerful officers, robots, and many other toys in Real Time Strategy combat! Defend yourself against invasion and put your strategy to the test - using your best survival tactics is the only chance to win.

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01/26/2021 - 04:01

I'm writing a huge section on Planes at the moment (soon to be published), and a statement I saw on Facebook got me thinking.  The post was discussion of max resource production, and the statement was as follows:

"vampire is better than f117, just more expensive"

This was in reference to Development Zone garrison slot, where I've been using F117 with Christmas Frost gears for a long time, and I'm reasonably happy with my development numbers.  As many of us did, I started out with Vampire garrisoned in development zone until I got an F117 and was amazed by how fast I was able to max it out.

I'll delve into which plane is better to garrison in Development Zone in my Planes write-up, but the question that got me thinking is: how expensive is it to max out a Vampire?  The only way to know this is to predict the cost in Air Force Tactical Points for Attribute steps beyond what I've already unlocked (and thus know the costs for).  Therefore, I want to write a formula that will allow me to calculate the cost in AFTP for a given Attribute step.

Here are the steps and their associated costs that I know so far (from my own planes):

Level Cost
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 10
7 30
8 60
9 90
10 120
11 160
12 200
13 250
14 310
15 390
16 485
17 610
18 760
19 950
20 1185
21 1480
22 1760
23 2070
24 2435
25 2865
26 3370
27 3965
28 4665
29 5490
30 6455
31 7595
32 8490
33 9435
34 10,485
35 11,650
36 12,945
37 14,380
38 15,980
39 17,755
40 19,725
41 21,920
42 24,355
43 27,060
44 30,065
45 33,405
46 37,115
47 41,240
48 45,825
49 50,915
50 56,570
51 62,855
52 69,840
53 77,600
54 86,220
55 95,800
56 106,445
57 118,275
58 131,415
59 146,015
60 162,240
61 180,265
62 200,295
63 222,550
64 247,280
65 274,755
66 305,280
67 339,200
68 376,890
69 418,765
70 465,295
71 516,995
72 574,440
73 638,225
74 709,185
75 787,985
76 875,535
77 972,820
78 1,080,910
79 1,201,010
80 1,334,455
81 1,482,725
82 1,647,475
83 1,830,525
84 2,033,915
85 2,259,910
86 2,511,010
87 2,790,010
88 3,100,010
89 3,444,455
90 3,827,170
91 4,252,415
92 4,724,905
93 5,249,890
94 5,833,210
95 6,481,346
96 7,201,496
97 8,001,660
98 8,890,735
99 9,878596

I first tried to use an online pattern finder, but I was quickly foiled.  No section of the series of numbers was matched by any of the online pattern finders I checked.  (I also tried The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences® (OEIS®), but came up blank there too). More math was needed.

I started out by trying to classify the type of equation I was dealing with.  It's obviously not linear, so I looked to polynomials.  An online search led me to a paper at the Carnegie Mellon University Mathematical Sciences department titled "Finding a formula for a sequence of numbers".  This paper described a process for determining if a given sequence of numbers could be solved by a high-degree polynomial equation, but following the process led me to determine that my desired formula was not a polynomial sequence.  The suggestion of that paper was to investigate an exponential sequence.

I had already checked to see if this was a logarithmic sequence, and had determined that it was not.  Another Google search took me to a lesson on titled "Geometric Sequences and Exponential Functions."  Now I was getting somewhere.

The process on that lesson suggested that I investigate the Common Ratio, or the ratio between successive terms in the sequence.

This is what I found:

Level Cost Common Ratio (Tn/T(n-1))
1 1  
2 2 2.00000000
3 3 1.50000000
4 4 1.33333333
5 5 1.25000000
6 10 2.00000000
7 30 3.00000000
8 60 2.00000000
9 90 1.50000000
10 120 1.33333333
11 160 1.33333333
12 200 1.25000000
13 250 1.25000000
14 310 1.24000000
15 390 1.25806452
16 485 1.24358974
17 610 1.25773196
18 760 1.24590164
19 950 1.25000000
20 1185 1.24736842
21 1480 1.24894515
22 1760 1.18918919
23 2070 1.17613636
24 2435 1.17632850
25 2865 1.17659138
26 3370 1.17626527
27 3965 1.17655786
28 4665 1.17654477
29 5490 1.17684887
30 6455 1.17577413
31 7595 1.17660728
32 8490 1.11784068
33 9435 1.11130742
34 10,485 1.11128776
35 11,650 1.11111111
36 12,945 1.11115880
37 14,380 1.11085361
38 15,980 1.11126565
39 17,755 1.11107635
40 19,725 1.11095466
41 21,920 1.11128010
42 24,355 1.11108577
43 27,060 1.11106549
44 30,065 1.11104952
45 33,405 1.11109263
46 37,115 1.11106122
47 41,240 1.11114105
48 45,825 1.11117847
49 50,915 1.11107474
50 56,570 1.11106747
51 62,855 1.11110129
52 69,840 1.11112879
53 77,600 1.11111111

(That 1/0.9 pattern continues throughout the data that I've collected, I've just cut it off to shorten this already very long entry.)

I can see five distinct sections that have patterns:

  1. 1-4: linear
  2. 5-9: possibly exponential with a rounding error
  3. 10-21: exponential with a common ratio of 5/4
  4. 22-31: exponential with a common ratio of 1/0.85
  5. 31-?: exponential with a common ratio of 1/0.9

The final values are also rounded to the nearest number divisible by 5.  Here are my resulting Google Sheets formulas (where n is the step, or level of the next Attribute, and Xn is the cost of that Attribute):

  1. 1-4: Xn = n
  2. 5-9: Xn = 5*ROUND((1/5)*(3/2)^(n-1),0)
  3. 10-21: Xn = 5*ROUND((51/15)*(5/4)^(n-1),0)
  4. 22-31: Xn = 5*ROUND(58/5*(1/0.85)^(n-1),0)
  5. 31-?: Xn = 5*ROUND(11665/36/5*(1/0.9)^(n-1),0)

These formulas are not perfect, but they successfully predict the known costs of an Attribute for each step up to level 99, with a margin of error of about 0.028%.

The question is, how high does this formula take us?  Some AMS systems reach a plateau for costs (troop enhancement via spray, I believe), so does this formula go to ∞, or does it peak out at some maximum cost per step?  If we assume it applies to ∞ (and this is a big assumption), we can build a spreadsheet that gives us the cost for each step.

Getting back to our Vampire - the Vampire attributes have two tracks: the right side is the development track, where most (but not all) of the attributes we want for maximum resource production are.  The left side is the deployment track, which is mostly (but not completely) comprised of battle attributes.  We can now count the number of steps required to max out a side, then sum up the costs for each step to find out how many Air Force Tactical Points it takes to max each side.

To max out the left (deployment) it requires 150 steps (we get this by adding the number of steps for each Attribute).  If we assume the formula above carries on to ∞, my calculations show that this equates to 21.3 Billion Air Force Tactical Points to max out a Vampire for Attack purposes.  This is compared to the 109.8 Million required to max out the F117.

To max out the right (development) side of a Vampire it requires 162 steps.  Again, if we assume the formula above carries to ∞, my calculations suggest that it takes 75.4 Billion Air Force Tactical Points to max out a Vampire for Development purposes.

What if we want to max out the Vampire for both sides?  We can't simply add 21.3B + 75.4B.  Instead, you have to calculate the sum of all costs for 312 steps.  This calculates to a whopping  495,911,656,025,378,000, or 495.9 Quadrillion Air Force Tactical Points.

The good news?  You can use the Air Force Tactical Points +50% Battlefield Buff to cut all of these numbers in half!

Now, I must admit, I don't know if my assumption that the formula applies to ∞ is correct, and that it doesn't max out at some steady cost instead.  I did hear on Facebook that one person was actually able to max their Vampire and it took them 3 years, and this suggests to me that there might be a maximum cost per step at some level higher than 98.  If anyone from AMS (or anyone else for that matter) wants to check my math and let me know anything I'm missing I'm all ears.

01/14/2021 - 04:27

Today I noticed the Battlefield Buff +10% chance for Gold Class Aptitudes and I figured I'd mess around with it a bit.

I've done very little to nothing with Aptitudes up until now, so my initial set really looked like crap:

I've picked up some Aptitude Refresh Cards along the way (probably in Blessings from Above) so I thought I'd see if I could improve on my initial set.

The answer was a resounding yes.

First I had to figure out the rules:

  1. Increase your commander level to 30, 35, 40, 50, 55, 60 to unlock a Class Aptitude.
  2. Use Aptitude Refresh Cards to refresh all the unlocked aptitudes. Spend 50, 1000, 2000 Gold to lock 1 of your current Class Aptitudes.  Locking prevents your Class Aptitudes from being refreshed.  Make sure you lock any you want to keep before refreshing.  You can only lock up to 3 Class Aptitudes.  Note: The locking feature is used to save the aptitudes you wish to keep, before refreshing.  After refreshing, the locked aptitudes will show on the refreshed buffs.  Locked aptitudes can't be refreshed but can still be replaced.  All locked aptitudes will become unlocked again after a refresh.
  3. After a refresh, you can choose to keep or replace your current Class Aptitudes.
  4. Class Aptitudes are bound to their corresponding classes.  If you change to a different class, then change back to your old class, your old class's aptitudes will be kept.  (Exception: Your refreshed aptitudes won't be kept if you haven't used them to replace your original aptitudes.)

Uh, what?  That was clear as mud to me.

Fortunately, I had junk to start with, so I really couldn't make things worse by experimenting.  My first refresh got me 1 gold aptitude:

Nice!  So, I want to lock that one, right? Answer: no, but I didn't know that and tried it anyway.  I clicked the little grey lock to the left of that row, then clicked the Refresh button again:


Well, that did not do what I wanted to do.  It turns out locking an Aptitude locks the Aptitude on the left side.  Then, when you Refresh, it copies the locked Aptitude on the left into the right Refreshed column.  By locking that 5th row I kept the green Vehicle Defense Weaken 30%, and blew away the gold Copter Defense Weaken 160%.  Oops.

After re-reading the instructions I now see that it tells you this, but it's not clear, so let's try to make it clear.

The left column contains your Current Aptitudes (it's labeled as such).  The right column contains potential Aptitudes that will be swapped to your Current Aptitudes column when you click Replace.  Clicking Refresh re-rolls the Aptitudes on the right.  So, what I really wanted to do when I got that gold Copter Defense Weaken 160% aptitude was hit the Refresh button to move them all over (I didn't have any Current Aptitudes I wanted to save), then lock that gold aptitude.  Let's try this again.

None of the refreshed aptitudes were any good (all grey and green), so I clicked Refresh again:

That was a good refresh, now I have to figure out how to keep those two gold aptitudes.  This time I hit Replace:

Yes, that's what I want.  All of the Aptitudes in the right column move over to my Current Aptitudes column.  Now I want to keep those two gold aptitudes and see if I can improve upon the grey and green ones.  Let's lock the two gold and hit Refresh (I forgot to get screenshots of the locking messages, but locking the first one cost 500 gold, and locking the 2nd one cost 1000 gold):

That refresh gains me nothing good.  Thankfully I've kept the two gold ones (at least I'm not making that same mistake), but none of the 4 refreshed aptitudes are worth keeping.  Let's keep trying.  I hit refresh again, but forgot to lock my two gold aptitudes, and I get a warning:

No, that doesn't sound good.  I've now learned that you have to lock the good aptitudes before you hit Refresh, so I spend 500 and 1000 Gold again to lock those two gold aptitudes and refresh again.  After a few repetitions of this, I finally got some good ones:


Now I'm feeling pretty good about this. I've got three gold aptitudes and one purple, and I've only spent about 7-8 Refresh Cards.  I want to keep going, and I want to keep those four good aptitudes, so I try to lock them all...


...and I learn the hard way that you can only lock three aptitudes at a time.  I'll stick with locking the three gold aptitudes and take my chances with the one purple.


The first refresh is no good, but the second one gets me another gold aptitude for the purple.  I'll take that, so I click Replace to move it over.  After a number of times repeating this process and taking my chances with one gold aptitude, I get the following Refresh roll:

Oh yeah, that'll work!  I'll keep all of these, so I hit Replace to move them over:

I'll gladly stand pat on that.  As a reminder, here's what I started with:

I was able to change 1 blue and 5 green aptitudes to 5 gold and 1 purple using 16 Aptitude Refresh Cards.  That works for me!

01/13/2021 - 03:11

I've been working for over a month to catalog and document every officer battlefield skill, and I've finally completed that effort.  I've cataloged 385 distinct battlefield skills, including their descriptions and values, and each has their own searchable page.  I've also linked the skills from the officer pages, so you can click on the battlefield skill and be taken right to that detail.

Check the data out at:

A couple of notes:

  1. I know there are errors there - help me find them.  Email me at and I'll fix them.  I'm open to all feedback - spelling, data errors, and suggestions on more content.  Note that some of the errors are from AMS, and I've kept those errors to be consistent.
  2. Presentation to mobile devices isn't the best.  I code and write content on my desktop, and I know that some of the content, especially tables and images, isn't very user friendly on mobile.  Some of it I just don't know how to present better.  Wide tables just aren't going to present well on a cell phone, and I don't know much I can do about that.  I'm open to ideas.

Let me know what you'd like to see next!

- Moz

01/05/2021 - 06:33

AMS posted a refinement of their earlier Battlefield Merge Announcement.  This announcement seems focused on the newer fields, and includes rules and compensation.  It's possible that the older fields announced earlier had their merges postponed/cancelled - I'm not certain.

Dear Commander,

In response to player feedback and to build a more active gaming environment, we are planning to perform battlefield merge on 1/1/2021 07:00 (battlefield time). During the server merge, you will be unable to log in to the game.  Please arrange your game activities accordingly to avoid any losses.

-- Grouping --

Thank you so much for all your feedback!  We will be going through with the following merge plans:

  • 529, 531, 533, 535, 536 ==> 533
  • 532, 542 ==> 542
  • 537, 543, 544 ==> 543
  • 538, 539, 541, 545 ==> 545
  • 547, 548, 549, 550 ==> 550

-- Rules --

After server merge:

  1. All personal data will be saved, including building level, captain level, troops, wounded, resources, items, etc.
  2. Corps member ranks are saved.  The corps leader will not be changed.
  3. Corps buildings will be withdrawn, but corps supplies will be returned based on previous corps building levels.
  4. Coordinates on battlefield map will be randomly allocated for every player.  You can used Advanced Teleport in the compensation items to reunite with your allies.
  5. All event-related statistics and corresponding rankings (enemy battlefield soldiers killed, inferno points earned, etc.) will be reset and recalculated.  Non-event-related statistics will be saved and corresponding rankings will be recalculated.
  6. After merge, Battlefield Service Center Activeness Points and Corps Honor will be retained.
  7. Ongoing event score and ranking will be reset and we will prepare rich compensation for all the players.
  8. After merge, occupied Special Operation Supply point will be reset.
  9. After merge, a 3-day Aegis will be automatically activated for you (your Aegis won't be consumed.  If you already have an Aegis which lasts longer than 3 days, the Aegis won't be affected and removed.)
  10. Deep Battle and Battlefield Purge won't be available for two weeks after the merge.

-- Compensation --

We prepared rich compensation rewards for all commanders influenced by the merger.  Please tap to claim them.

Thank you for your cooperation and support! Have a nice day!

  • 1,000 Gold (3)
  • Advanced Teleport (2)
  • Corps Teleport (1)
  • Advanced Recruit Signet (5)
  • 5-Day 25% Upkeep Efficiency Bonus (5)
  • Advanced March Speedup (5)
  • 24-Hour Building Speedup (10)
  • 24-Hour Training Speedup (10)
  • 24-Hour Research Speedup (10)
  • Lv. 3 Airstrike (10)
  • 500,000 Plastic (10)
  • 500,000 Paint (10)
  • 800,000 Electricity (5)
  • 200,000 Metal (5)

In my experience merges have gone relatively well, and really make things interesting as Corps jockey for power position and alliances on their new field.  The compensation is relatively valuable, and there are few downsides.  The largest negative in my experience is losing all of your Special Operation Supply points and having to go fight for them again.


12/31/2020 - 04:48

AMS announced the New Years activities for 2020:

Let's welcome 2021 with some fun and exciting events!

2020-12-31 ~ 2021-01-02 (Battlefield Time)

New Year's Whisper, tap other commanders' Command Center to give then a New Year Present and blessing, and complete quests.  Rewards in this period consist of Hot Hamburger (Fragment) (You can accumulate a total of 100 fragments in this season), Festival Sapling, Sharpshooter (Fragment), and other New Year items.  (Only commanders with HQ level 8 or above can participate in this event.)

2020-12-31 ~ 2021-01-29 (Battlefield Time)

Happy 2021 Investment Plan, unlock the investment plan to get Festival Saplings, Lv. 5 Training Dummy, and the plane - Conqueror.

2020-12-31 ~ 2021-01-31 (Battlefield Time)

Happy 2021 Shop - Happy 2021 Shop (Normal) has Mother Frost, Amaterasu, Sharp Shooter, Pegasus, and Terminator. Happy 2021 Perk Shop has Triumph E-System, Triumph Armor, and Triumph Missile.  Rewards this period are redeemed with Festival Saplings!

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-03  (Battlefield Time)

  1. New Year's Warmup, New Year Special Bonus! Log in to pick up Fortune's Favor, New Year Gold Pig, New Year Bag, and other New Year items.
  2. Lucky Gacha, use AMS Points to open Gachas for a chance to get AMS Copter and AMS Bomb.  Use the designated number AMS Copters and AMS Bombs to redeem a 2021 New Year Chat Box (Permanent), 2021 New Year Avatar Frame (Permanent), and 2021 New Year Nameplate (Permanent).
  3. Supply Store, items this period are related to HQ Appearances!
  4. Limited-Time Trial, brand-new officer, The Strongest Player, and the plane, Conqueror, are available.  Try them out free for 3 days!
  5. See In the New Year, a chance for you to get A-Quality officer, Reindeer (Fragment), and New Year's Melody from the Final Strike Rewards.
  6. Vanquish Evil, complete the designated quests to get Farewell Keys and Welcome Keys, then use them to participate in See In the New Year event.

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-06 (Battlefield Time)

  1. Tons of Supplies, lots of Officer Cultivation items for you to get.  There's a chance for you to receive a grand prize - Fortune's Favor each round.  Wish you the best of luck, commander!
  2. Daily Test, rewards in this period has Festival Saplings, Upkeep Efficiency - Stratagem Fragment, New Energy, and other Air Force Cultivation items.

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-10 (Battlefield Time)

AMS Adventure, one queue requires 8 people.  Ranking Rewards consist of Adventure Coins, Military Tech Points, Research Speedup, and other cool items; use Adventure Coins to redeem Mikoshi (Fragment) and Mother Frost (Fragment).

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-15 (Battlefield Time)

Normal Membership (15-Day special edition), brand-new officer, Strongest Player will be sold at 20% off in the Membership Store!

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-20 (Battlefield Time)

Holiday Wheel, a chance for you to get Mother Frost (Fragment) and Festival Saplings.

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-30 (Battlefield Time)

The More The Merrier, recharge once per day to collect your daily chest and increase the multiplier of your final prize.  The final prize is the Plane - Flame Feather.

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-31 (Battlefield Time)

  1. Gent Code, a chance for you to get Enhancement Alloy, Sharp Shooter (Fragment), Amethyst, and Festival Sapling;
  2. Battle Preparation, complete the designated quests to get a large amount of Festival Sapling!

2021-01-04 ~ 2021-01-07 (Battlefield Time)

Jigsaw Race, complete the quests to get Festival Sapling and other useful Air Force Cultivation Items!

2021-01-06 (Battlefield Time)

Total Recharge, complete the designated recharge quest to get 2021 New Year insignia (Permanent)!

Have a fantastic 2021, Commander!

AMS Studio