Experimenting with Aptitude Refreshes

Submitted by Mozilla on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 02:51

Today I noticed the Battlefield Buff +10% chance for Gold Class Aptitudes and I figured I'd mess around with it a bit.

I've done very little to nothing with Aptitudes up until now, so my initial set really looked like crap:

I've picked up some Aptitude Refresh Cards along the way (probably in Blessings from Above) so I thought I'd see if I could improve on my initial set.

The answer was a resounding yes.

First I had to figure out the rules:

  1. Increase your commander level to 30, 35, 40, 50, 55, 60 to unlock a Class Aptitude.
  2. Use Aptitude Refresh Cards to refresh all the unlocked aptitudes. Spend 50, 1000, 2000 Gold to lock 1 of your current Class Aptitudes.  Locking prevents your Class Aptitudes from being refreshed.  Make sure you lock any you want to keep before refreshing.  You can only lock up to 3 Class Aptitudes.  Note: The locking feature is used to save the aptitudes you wish to keep, before refreshing.  After refreshing, the locked aptitudes will show on the refreshed buffs.  Locked aptitudes can't be refreshed but can still be replaced.  All locked aptitudes will become unlocked again after a refresh.
  3. After a refresh, you can choose to keep or replace your current Class Aptitudes.
  4. Class Aptitudes are bound to their corresponding classes.  If you change to a different class, then change back to your old class, your old class's aptitudes will be kept.  (Exception: Your refreshed aptitudes won't be kept if you haven't used them to replace your original aptitudes.)

Uh, what?  That was clear as mud to me.

Fortunately, I had junk to start with, so I really couldn't make things worse by experimenting.  My first refresh got me 1 gold aptitude:

Nice!  So, I want to lock that one, right? Answer: no, but I didn't know that and tried it anyway.  I clicked the little grey lock to the left of that row, then clicked the Refresh button again:


Well, that did not do what I wanted to do.  It turns out locking an Aptitude locks the Aptitude on the left side.  Then, when you Refresh, it copies the locked Aptitude on the left into the right Refreshed column.  By locking that 5th row I kept the green Vehicle Defense Weaken 30%, and blew away the gold Copter Defense Weaken 160%.  Oops.

After re-reading the instructions I now see that it tells you this, but it's not clear, so let's try to make it clear.

The left column contains your Current Aptitudes (it's labeled as such).  The right column contains potential Aptitudes that will be swapped to your Current Aptitudes column when you click Replace.  Clicking Refresh re-rolls the Aptitudes on the right.  So, what I really wanted to do when I got that gold Copter Defense Weaken 160% aptitude was hit the Refresh button to move them all over (I didn't have any Current Aptitudes I wanted to save), then lock that gold aptitude.  Let's try this again.

None of the refreshed aptitudes were any good (all grey and green), so I clicked Refresh again:

That was a good refresh, now I have to figure out how to keep those two gold aptitudes.  This time I hit Replace:

Yes, that's what I want.  All of the Aptitudes in the right column move over to my Current Aptitudes column.  Now I want to keep those two gold aptitudes and see if I can improve upon the grey and green ones.  Let's lock the two gold and hit Refresh (I forgot to get screenshots of the locking messages, but locking the first one cost 500 gold, and locking the 2nd one cost 1000 gold):

That refresh gains me nothing good.  Thankfully I've kept the two gold ones (at least I'm not making that same mistake), but none of the 4 refreshed aptitudes are worth keeping.  Let's keep trying.  I hit refresh again, but forgot to lock my two gold aptitudes, and I get a warning:

No, that doesn't sound good.  I've now learned that you have to lock the good aptitudes before you hit Refresh, so I spend 500 and 1000 Gold again to lock those two gold aptitudes and refresh again.  After a few repetitions of this, I finally got some good ones:


Now I'm feeling pretty good about this. I've got three gold aptitudes and one purple, and I've only spent about 7-8 Refresh Cards.  I want to keep going, and I want to keep those four good aptitudes, so I try to lock them all...


...and I learn the hard way that you can only lock three aptitudes at a time.  I'll stick with locking the three gold aptitudes and take my chances with the one purple.


The first refresh is no good, but the second one gets me another gold aptitude for the purple.  I'll take that, so I click Replace to move it over.  After a number of times repeating this process and taking my chances with one gold aptitude, I get the following Refresh roll:

Oh yeah, that'll work!  I'll keep all of these, so I hit Replace to move them over:

I'll gladly stand pat on that.  As a reminder, here's what I started with:

I was able to change 1 blue and 5 green aptitudes to 5 gold and 1 purple using 16 Aptitude Refresh Cards.  That works for me!

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01/14/2021 - 04:27