Counterattack is a section of Special Operations. 

Once you join a Corps, you can access Counterattack.  This is helpful for numerous reasons, one of the biggest is that you can purchase a 24 hour Aegis once per day for 100 Loot.  To earn loot you have to perform  Counterattack battles.  There are 4 different targets for you to attack.  The way this works is as follows:

  1. First, you Seek Aid from your fellow corps members.  From the Counterattack page, select "Seek Aid" and send out requests to members in your corps.  It's smartest to seek aid from those who are online (those are sorted to the top of the list, and labeled as such).  Your corps members then send officers to you to help you make the attacks.  
  2. Once you've received aid from your corps members, select a target and attack it.  You want to select the highest level target you can defeat, as the rewards are greater.
  3. Your goal is to defeat the center headquarters of the enemy.  You are hindered in this effort by various weapons dispersed across the field.


The "Up Officer": A featured officer that gives you bonuses (ATK +50%, HP +50%, Stage Rewards +100%) if you use them to attack.  You can use your own Up Officer, or use one from an ally.

The higher level and skill of the officers you use, the more damage you'll do.


There are 20 stages for you to complete.  Each time you win a battle the level of the targets increases, as do the rewards.


Counterattack is where Wendy really shines.  Her Divine Halberd attack does massive damage to the entire enemy field. If the Skill Level of Wendy is high enough, you can wipe out the whole field without even deploying a single troop.  Divine Halberd also clears the entire field of mines, resulting in less damage to your attacking troops.  Using that skill gets pretty expensive (in Counterattack Energy), as the cost increases with each use (as do all the skills).


Useful Counterattack skills:

  • Vulcan Missile (orange bomb) Deals 667 damage to enemies within a small area.
  • Healing Kit (green cross)
  • Cannonballs (purple bombs) Drops three bombs, dealing 1097 damage to enemies within a small area.
  • Smoke Strike: Release smoke at the target building, dealing 525 damage and incapacitating the target.  Lasts for 3.5 seconds.
  • Smoke Strike is another surprisingly useful skill - the stun effect of the skill helps you kill off the enemy weapons without taking damage yourself.  Some of the weapons can do lots of damage to you at long range, so stunning them until you can reach them and do your own damage is helpful.  You can also clear a couple of mines using this skill.


The higher level your Chinook, the more officers you're able to take along with you in your battle.  This means more power, more damage, and results in you being able to beat higher level targets, resulting in more rewards.


When you've defeated the 20th stage of Counterattack, you get a chance to explore the Mysterious Maze.


Set your formation (choose your officers - you can only use your own officers, not the ones loaned to you by your corps mates.)

There are 20 steps, and each step you are given a choice of 3 paths.  You can get:

  1. A reward (supplies that will be added to your inventory)
  2. A trap (one of your officers is dealt damage)
  3. A break (one of your officers heals HP)


Always choose the path that has, in order:

  1. A store icon - you can be given this option every 5 steps. Selecting this path takes you to a store where you can buy items with your loot at pretty good rates.
  2. A gift icon - gives you supplies or a break
  3. A question mark - could be a gift, break, or a battle.
  4. A target - this always leads to battle, and should be avoided unless you have no options (all 3 are targets).


At early levels the battles are all slaughters - you have essentially no chance to win, which you must do to continue in the maze.  If you get a battle as your result, your maze journey probably comes to an end for the day.