AMS Main Screen

AMS is a complex game, with a myriad of activities, parameters, and events to navigate to, so it's not surprising that the main screen is loaded with information and places to click.  Fortunately it's pretty well laid out, with like activities grouped together, and most of the information you need to get is just a few clicks away.

While much of the content stays the same, the main screen for the Battlefield is slightly different from the main screen inside your Command Center.


Main Screen - Battlefield

Commander InfoCommander InfoResourcesResourcesPlayer PowerPlayer PowerRechargeActivity MenusBattlefield CoordinatesBattlefield CoordinatesCorps HelpToy & Resource SearchFriendsFriendsMenu TabBattlefield / Command Center ToggleChatChatBattlefield MapWorld MapPlane & Officer SkillsMarchesBuffsRankingsVIPVIP


Main Screen - Command Center

Commander InfoResourcesPlayer PowerPlayer PowerRechargeActivity MenusCorps HelpFriendsFriendsMenu TabBattlefield / Command Center ToggleChatChatTutorialOnline RewardsAMS AssistantLittle TrainBuffsRankingsProgress BarsVIPVIP