Beginner's FAQ


Q: Where can Stamina be purchased?

A: Stamina can be purchased in a couple of places:

  • Items - Store - Resources (5k cans for 200 gold, limit changes based on HQ level - starts at 2 (HQ 10), goes to 50?)
  • Corps - Corps Store (5k cans for 40,000 corps honor, limit 10)


Q: What should I focus on for research?

A: This is a complicated question, and there the answer depends on what you want to accomplish. 

  • If you plan on fighting a lot, you could work on Combat I and Defense I.
  • I feel that resources are the backbone of all of your efforts, so I like to focus on Resource I.  You can improve your Resource Factory production rate, your Resource Point gathering rate, and the amount of resources protected by your Moneybox.
  • Development I increases your efficiency at attacking toys, and helps with Construction.
  • If you are interested in Joining a Corps, Core I might be important for you - the Sign of Unity skill helps your Corps have more players, and can be very valuable to a new Corps.



Q: Which officers are best for Research?

A: Eric is the most important officer for Research, hands down.  


Q: Which officers are best for Defense?

A: Early: Captain Glory, Robinson


Q: Which officers are best for battle?

A: Kung Fu Maid, Mighty Alice, Snow Fairy, Marco Rossi, Lion General, Tracy, Headless Knight, Nur, Top Player, Steven


Q: In the Assignment Center, which officers do you use?

A: Assign comes first (HQ level ?) - Initial Officers:

  • Military: Wendy ($)
  • Technology: Dr. S (free - gives Construction buff), Gingerbread Man-X (free, improves your gain when Corps members help you), or Eric ($, improves Research)
  • Defense: Captain Glory (free)
  • Logistics: Doctor Comedian (free)

Command Assignment (unlocked at HQ Lvl 11)

  • Quartermasters: Bull and Chris


Q: What is a material officer?  That can be used to learn talents?

A: Once your officer is Skill XII you can start using Talents.  Basically you need another full officer of the same type, and you use that officer to increase your Talent of the higher skilled officer.


Q: What is the difference between Command and Assigned in Assignment Center?

A: Assignment comes first (at lower HQ level), and only Assignment type officers can be placed there.  Taking Defense, for example: Only the officers assigned there take part in a battle when you are attacked.  Assigned officers apply their skill buffs to your player.  For instance Captain Glory has Guardian's Resolve - that is only in effect when Captain Glory is Assigned in your Assignment Center.

Officers Assigned cannot be used for other functions (attack, gather).

Command selection is somewhat less important (but not unimportant).  You can select any officer for those positions, and the highest level and star value of the officers selected give you more buffs.  You want as high star value as possible, then high level.

There are, however, "Specified Officers" for each Command section.  Click the small "?" in the lower portion of the screen to find out which are the specified officers for any given command section.  For instance, Quartermasters prefer Bull and Chris.  If you have high star values on both of them, and you use both of them, you can get the lower list of buffs too.  In that case you can buff Gold Gathering Speed if you have at least 6 stars combined for your Bull and Chris.

If you use officers besides Bull and Chris, and they have at least 5 stars total between them, you buff Plastic Production.


Q: Which officers to level up?  Skill up?



Q: Which officers don't need increasing?



Resources and Items:

Q: Is there any reason not to spend VIP points immediately?

A: Nope, use them as soon as you get them.  I usually keep a couple of 10 pointers around to satisfy corps quests.


Q: Can attackers take your gold?

A: No.


Q: What are Personalized Appearances (such as Turtle Warship)?

A: Turtle Warship is a Personalized Appearance for your truck.  It gives bonuses, as do many of the Personalized Appearances.


Troops and Battle:

Q: Is it a good idea to have buffer troop like if your attack has 80 troop lvl5 60k lvl 1and2 20k so I lose lower lvl troop and no lvl 5?

A: Yes, layering is a very good tactic, however not in the percentages that you describe.  You can have up to 35 types of troops.  What you're describing is called a meat shield.  You still need higher level troops in a decent percentage.  I'd use 75% higher level troops and 25% lower level if you do that.  Experiment is the best way.


Q: With that being said let’s turn the tables. If you get hit and we have a whole bunch of T1 and T2 level troops and the rest high level 567 whatever will your hospitals protect the higher level troops or whatever goes in first like the lower level?

A: Your low level troops get attacked first.  It's round based.  The remaining troops live on to fight in the next round.  The lower level troops get the brunt of the attack.


Q: If you get attacked and fill up your hospitals, and then you start your troops healing, and then you get hit again, does your hospital fill back up?

A: Your hospitals are like regular hospitals.  If they're full they can't take any more so what's left over dies.  If you get hit, heal them full, and empty the hospitals, then get hit again, your hospitals will be ready to use.  If you get hit once, fill the hospitals, and don't get a chance to empty them, then get hit again the troops die.  Healing works as all or nothing - you don't heal troops by the singles.  If you select 10k troops to heal, all 10k of them must heal before your hospital is empty and you can accept more troops.



Q: Is there a way to get a second research + building queue except for buying the monthly pack?

A: No, unfortunately not.


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