About AMSWiki

As of August 2020 I've been playing this game for about a year now.  If you haven't noticed by now, this game is incredibly complex - there are so many facets to it, and it takes a lot of knowledge to play it well.  As I played, I constantly found myself looking on the internet for information to help explain this or that aspect of the game, and I usually came up empty.  I found a wiki here and there, but most if not all of them were abandoned, having old information on the basics, and no information on the newest game features.  The developers of this game are extremely active, and they are constantly adding new and exciting content for us to explore.  While this means that there is always something for us as players to master, it also means that any information presented on the internet needs to be maintained actively, or it will quickly fall behind in accuracy and completeness.

As I played, I kept saying to myself: "I should create a wiki for this game!"  So, in June 2020 I decided to take the leap and do it.  I'm reasonably technically savvy, and there's still a steep learning curve when it comes to modern web site creation.  I've done my best to climb that hill, with the hopes of providing a single location for players, both new and experienced alike, to find that tidbit or detail they're searching for.

I'm not an expert of Army Men Strike, but I've gained a decent amount of important knowledge that I'd like to share.  I'll also lean on my fellow players to provide information they might have that I'm lacking, or to correct me where I'm wrong.  If you see something that's not right, or if you have information that isn't presented, please let me know, either via email or through the comments on a given article.  It's my hope that this site will grow and stay current, providing up-to-date information for the entire player community.

- Moz