2021 New Year Event Preview

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AMS announced the New Years activities for 2020:

Let's welcome 2021 with some fun and exciting events!

2020-12-31 ~ 2021-01-02 (Battlefield Time)

New Year's Whisper, tap other commanders' Command Center to give then a New Year Present and blessing, and complete quests.  Rewards in this period consist of Hot Hamburger (Fragment) (You can accumulate a total of 100 fragments in this season), Festival Sapling, Sharpshooter (Fragment), and other New Year items.  (Only commanders with HQ level 8 or above can participate in this event.)

2020-12-31 ~ 2021-01-29 (Battlefield Time)

Happy 2021 Investment Plan, unlock the investment plan to get Festival Saplings, Lv. 5 Training Dummy, and the plane - Conqueror.

2020-12-31 ~ 2021-01-31 (Battlefield Time)

Happy 2021 Shop - Happy 2021 Shop (Normal) has Mother Frost, Amaterasu, Sharp Shooter, Pegasus, and Terminator. Happy 2021 Perk Shop has Triumph E-System, Triumph Armor, and Triumph Missile.  Rewards this period are redeemed with Festival Saplings!

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-03  (Battlefield Time)

  1. New Year's Warmup, New Year Special Bonus! Log in to pick up Fortune's Favor, New Year Gold Pig, New Year Bag, and other New Year items.
  2. Lucky Gacha, use AMS Points to open Gachas for a chance to get AMS Copter and AMS Bomb.  Use the designated number AMS Copters and AMS Bombs to redeem a 2021 New Year Chat Box (Permanent), 2021 New Year Avatar Frame (Permanent), and 2021 New Year Nameplate (Permanent).
  3. Supply Store, items this period are related to HQ Appearances!
  4. Limited-Time Trial, brand-new officer, The Strongest Player, and the plane, Conqueror, are available.  Try them out free for 3 days!
  5. See In the New Year, a chance for you to get A-Quality officer, Reindeer (Fragment), and New Year's Melody from the Final Strike Rewards.
  6. Vanquish Evil, complete the designated quests to get Farewell Keys and Welcome Keys, then use them to participate in See In the New Year event.

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-06 (Battlefield Time)

  1. Tons of Supplies, lots of Officer Cultivation items for you to get.  There's a chance for you to receive a grand prize - Fortune's Favor each round.  Wish you the best of luck, commander!
  2. Daily Test, rewards in this period has Festival Saplings, Upkeep Efficiency - Stratagem Fragment, New Energy, and other Air Force Cultivation items.

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-10 (Battlefield Time)

AMS Adventure, one queue requires 8 people.  Ranking Rewards consist of Adventure Coins, Military Tech Points, Research Speedup, and other cool items; use Adventure Coins to redeem Mikoshi (Fragment) and Mother Frost (Fragment).

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-15 (Battlefield Time)

Normal Membership (15-Day special edition), brand-new officer, Strongest Player will be sold at 20% off in the Membership Store!

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-20 (Battlefield Time)

Holiday Wheel, a chance for you to get Mother Frost (Fragment) and Festival Saplings.

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-30 (Battlefield Time)

The More The Merrier, recharge once per day to collect your daily chest and increase the multiplier of your final prize.  The final prize is the Plane - Flame Feather.

2021-01-01 ~ 2021-01-31 (Battlefield Time)

  1. Gent Code, a chance for you to get Enhancement Alloy, Sharp Shooter (Fragment), Amethyst, and Festival Sapling;
  2. Battle Preparation, complete the designated quests to get a large amount of Festival Sapling!

2021-01-04 ~ 2021-01-07 (Battlefield Time)

Jigsaw Race, complete the quests to get Festival Sapling and other useful Air Force Cultivation Items!

2021-01-06 (Battlefield Time)

Total Recharge, complete the designated recharge quest to get 2021 New Year insignia (Permanent)!

Have a fantastic 2021, Commander!

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