AMS Card Flip

AMS Card Flip is a Bonus activity first introduced on January 20, 2021.  It's a traditional card matching game (a form of Concentration) where a field of cards is placed face down.  Each card has a matching card to form a pair, and the player turns two cards at a time face-up in the hopes of finding the matching pair.  If the two face-up cards do not match, the cards are turned face-down again, and the player keeps going.  The goal is for the player to memorize where each matching card is and to find all of the matches.


The AMS Card Flip game allows 3 free tries, and you can purchase 5 more tries at 100 gold each for a total of 8 tries per day.  Each try is timed at 2:00 minutes.  If the player is able to clear the first field completely by matching all pairs of cards the field refreshes and the player can attempt another field as long as the 2:00 minutes has not expired.  This fresh field is only available once per 2:00 minute try.


Players collect the cards that they match and can use them to exchange for rewards.

Here is a full list of all the rewards, including what cards are required to collect them:

Cards Required Qty. Avail. Reward
5x A, 5x A, 5x A, 5x A 5 1x Mobility Storm - Spare Part 1 (Fragment)
5x 2, 5x 10, 5x 9, 5x 6 5 1x Mobility Storm - Spare Part 2 (Fragment)
5x 3, 5x Q, 5x K, 5x J 5 1x Mobility Storm - Spare Part 3 (Fragment)
5x 4, 5x 6, 5x 5, 5x 2 5 1x Mobility Storm - Spare Part 4 (Fragment)
5x 5, 4x A, 3x K, 2x 4 5 1x 3-Hour Research Speedup
5x 6, 4x 8, 3x 7, 2x 5 5 1x 3-Hour Building Speedup
5x 7, 4x 7, 3x 6, 2x 9 5 1x 3-Hour Training Speedup
5x 8, 4x Q, 3x J, 2x A 5 1x 3-Hour Def. Facility Speedup
5x 9, 4x 2, 3x A, 2x 7 5 1x 1,000 VIP Points
5x 10, 4x 8, 3x 7, 2x 5 5 1x 10,000 Spray
5x J, 4x K, 3x Q, 2x J 5 1x 10,000 Plasticizer
5x Q, 4x 3, 3x 2, 2x 7 5 100 Enhancement Alloy
5x K, 4x 4, 3x 3, 2x K 5 15 New Energy
2x A, 2x 6, 1x Q 5 5x Lv. 3 Training Dummy
3x 9, 2x 9, 1x K 5 80x 100 Feat
3x A, 2x A, 1x 3 5 2x 50,000 Plastic
3x 7, 2x 7, 1x 8 5 2x 50,000 Paint
3x 5, 2x 5, 1x 4 5 2x 8,000 Electricity
3x J, 2x J, 1x 9 5 2x 6,250 Metal
3x 7, 2x 7, 1x 2 5 5x Lv. 3 Training Dummy
3x K, 2x K, 1x 7 5 1x Copper Merit Medal
1x 9, 1x 3 10 5x 15-Min Research Speedup
1x 10, 1x J 10 5x 15-Min Building Speedup
1x 2, 1x 9 10 5x 15-Min Training Speedup
1x 9, 1x 7 10 5x 15-Min Def. Facility Speedup

I'm not impressed by these rewards.  When I first saw the Mobility Storm robot as a reward I thought it was a good thing, but then I realized it was only fragments of the spare parts, not the full spare parts themselves.  To get one fragment you have to trade in 20 cards!  And, it takes 100 fragments to fuse together for 1 spare part!  Considering that you can purchase a full Mobility Storm robot for $5 when it is available in Limited Time Sale, the amount of grinding necessary to gather 400 fragments is absurd.  The 3-Hour Speedups are worthwhile, but again it takes 14 cards to trade in for them.

I've played the Card Flip game for a couple of days now, and it seems that you can almost collect one full set of 52 cards each day, give or take.  There also seem to be cards that are more common and cards that are more rare.  So far my most common cards are J, J, and 3, while I still haven't been able to collect a 7. UPDATE: After collecting 535 cards the most rare card in my experience remains 7 at 0.56%, followed by K at 0.93%.  The most common card is the A at 3.18%.

Cards can be sold and purchased in the Card Trade Room using Precious Roses.

Precious Roses can be acquired in the Daily Bonus activity for free by completing tasks.  At the moment of this writing, all of the Daily Bonus tasks involve making purchases from the Arms Dealer.