Command Center

The Command Center is your internal headquarters - the place where you manage your Buildings to improve your skills, train troops, manufacture resources, and research technology. Your Command Center is where you start out, and for the first couple of levels it's all you can see.  It looks like a child's bedroom, and extends the toy theme of the game. On the margins of the screen you can see a bed, a skateboard, a window, sports equipment, etc...

"Command Center"
The Command Center

The upper-left portion of the room floor is covered by a play mat, with streets and grassy areas, and lots of spots for you to place your Main Buildings, such as a Research Lab, Officer Assignment Center, and Troop Camps.

The lower-right portion of the room floor is another play mat with a couple dozen spots for you to put your Resource Factories.  You start out with a small handful of these spots open, and you gain more available spots as you increase in HQ Level.  Here is where you place factories that create resources for you, such as Paint, Plastic, Electricity (batteries), and Metal.  Eventually, you can create Spray, which is very important for increasing your power in the more advanced stages of the game.

Dividing the Main Building area and the Resource area is your Little Train and Defensive Line.

Here are some things you can do in your Command Center:

Construct/Upgrade Buildings

  • You need buildings to perform activities, learn new abilities, and function within the game.  As you increase the level of your buildings you can learn more powerful skills, train more powerful troops, and create resources at a greater volume.
  • To learn what a particular building does, click on the building then click "Details".
  • When you first start out, upgrade your buildings to the maximum level allowed by your HQ level.
  • Sometimes upgrading a building requires you to have another building at a certain level as a prerequisite.  When you try to upgrade a building that has a prerequisite that you haven't met, that prerequisite will be highlighted in red text at the top of the list of build requirements.  There will also be a button to go to that building so you can achieve the prerequisite.

Research Technology

  • Your Lab is one of the more important buildings in your Command Center - here you can perform Research to improve your power.
  • There are dozens of kinds of Research.  Many improve your fighting ability.  Some improve the abilities of your Officers.  Others improve your Defense.  If there's a stat in this game, there's likely Research that can improve it.
  • As you upgrade the level of your Lab, more and more technologies are unlocked for you to research.

Create and Collect Resources

  • The lower-right corner of your Command Center has lots of spaces for Factories, Army Tents and Hospitals.  When you place Factories they start creating Resources automatically - all you have to do is collect them periodically.
  • You need Resources in order to do most of the activities in your Command Center, including: Constructing Buildings, Creating Troops, Healing Troops, and Researching Technology.
  • Each Factory has a limit on how many Resources it can hold at one time.  If you don't collect the Resources every now and then, the Factory becomes full and stops producing Resources until you collect them.

Train Troops

  • You will eventually have 4 Camps in which you train Troops: Artillery Camp, Copter Camp, Commando Camp, and Tank Camp.
  • These Camps allow you to Train Troops which you can then send into battle against both Players and Evil Toys.
  • As you create more and more Troops, they consume plastic Resources.  Fortunately, your Moneybox building can store a certain amount of Resources for you, protecting them from being taken by other Players, and from being consumed by your Troops.