Arms Dealer (Building)

The Arms Dealer building actually contains two functions: the Redemption Store, and the Fortune Wheel.

Redemption Store

The Redemption Store now allows you quick access to most if not all of the stores available in AMS, including:

  • Arms Dealer (Store)
  • Corps Store
  • Black Market (Air Force Factory - Air Force Supply)
  • Friendship Shop (Friends)
  • Silver Store (War Game Recruit Room)
  • Loot Store (Special Operations - Counterattack)
  • Workshop (Bonus - Mad Scientist)

Arms Dealer (Store):

The Arms Dealer Store was the original store that stood behind the original building.  The Arms Dealer Store becomes available when you perform two attacks (on toys or players) and/or create troops, and it's arrival is announced with a banner:

You can buy lots of valuable items here using gold, paint, or plastic (depending on the item and the offer).  Once opened, the store remains available for 2 hours, after which it cannot be opened for another 2 hours.  The store offerings may also be "refreshed" a total of 5 times. The first refresh is free, and the subsequent refreshes require gold at an increasing cost (25, 50, 75, and 100 gold).  The offerings are broken down into 4 rows: Resources, Speed Up, Hot, and Other.  Items can also be discounted anywhere from 10% to 60%, and there can be some very good deals here.

The offerings available are different depending on player HQ level.  At early player levels (levels 1-8) you can purchase an 8-hour Aegis, however the 24-hour Aegis isn't available until higher levels.


At HQ level 9 the 24-hour Aegis becomes available for purchase.  Here are some examples of items that are available at higher levels:


My general strategy is as follows:

  • Purchase Metal or Plastic packs with Paint;
  • I used to purchase Metal packs with Plastic, however my stash of Plastic has become low recently, so I've stopped this for now;
  • Purchase March Speedups and Anti-Scouts with resources;
  • Purchase Aegis and Advanced Teleport with gold when they are at the largest discount (-60%)

Fortune Wheel

The Fortune Wheel is a daily event that allows you to get items for free.


I  have noticed some differences between older fields and newer fields, and I believe you only start with 1 spin at low levels, graduating up to 3 spins at higher levels.

Fortune Wheel is one of the tasks included in the Advanced AMS Assistant, which is available for purchase at $4.99/month.