Assignment Center

The Assignment Center is where you choose which of your Assignment Officers to use for their Battlefield Skills.  Choosing the right officers here can make a very big difference in how effective you are.

There are three sections within your Assignment Center:

  • Assign - Assign officers to one of four Assignment Departments: Military, Technology, Defense, and Logistics.  Only Assignment Officers with the correct Officer Type may be assigned to a given Assignment Department.  The Assignment Department is unlocked when you start the game.
  • Command - Appoint officers to a position in one of 16 Command Departments.  Any Officer can be appointed, however each Command Department has a combination of specific officers that are more effective in that Department.  The Command Department is unlocked at HQ level 8.
  • United Combat - The United Combat System is unlocked by completing a high level Research task (United Combat Master).  Once unlocked, you can earn points (called "scraps") in the United Combat System by upgrading your Officers, Planes, Robots, and HQ Appearances.  You can then spend the scraps in the corresponding category to drastically improve your battle abilities.