Game Revision History

Version Release Date Notes
3.85.0 2021-04-20 (Beta) New Event
Bug Fixes
New officers: S-Class Stephen & S-Class Helene
3.84.0 2021-04-16 1. Fixed the following bugs for Laughing Man Treasure:
    a. Auction not displaying the item quantity.
    b. The item you bid for wasn’t included in the reward for winning the auction.
    c. Unable to slide down on the Auction page.
2. Fixed a bug that caused some officers to have an abnormal number of deployed units in Special Operations.
3. Fixed a bug with Silent Night’s Talent Active Skill, Christmas Wand, not showing up in the battle report after being used.

Text Optimization
Optimized Officer, Hunt Master's Skill, High-Energy Armor's description.
3.83.0 Skipped? Skipped?
3.82.0 Skipped? Skipped?
3.81.1 2021-03-30 Bugs fixed. (required for Crossover Gallery)
3.81.0 2021-03-25 Bugs fixed.
3.80.0 Skipped? Skipped?
3.79.2 2021-03-18 Bugs fixed.
3.79.1 2021-03-12 Bugs fixed.
3.79.0 2021-03-11 1. Using “Resource Search” will no longer show results from your allies;
2. The random attributes limit for Modification Blueprints has been increased to 2. In addition to the basic random attributes, all blueprints now have two additional empty slots that can be used to store source attributes.
3. We optimized the Plane Upgrade page so that the texts won’t block the Upgrade Items.
4. Optimized the display for Behemoth Battle’s stages by adding a stage countdown
3.78.0 Skipped? Skipped?
3.77.0 2021-03-02 Spring is here!
AMS is about to lose its thick winter clothing!
With the arrival of a new update, the main map will regain its lushes green look!
Update to the latest version to enjoy the new spring map!
3.76.1 2021-02-26 Bugs fixed.
3.76.0 2021-02-23 1.Optimized some event maps (Kill Kate, etc.): when teleporting to an event map, the main page's ranking will no longer show up.
2.Optimized parts of Robot Exclusive Weapons' display.
3.Optimized the Officer Skill Upgrade Page: due to the Merit Medals being unusable for upgrading AMS Customized Officers' skills, starting today, Merit Medal-related benefits will not be shown.
4.Fixed a bug with Demeter's Skill, Metal Detection, not showing up in Gathering Reports.
3.75.0 Skipped? Skipped?
3.74.1 2021-02-10 Bugs fixed.
3.74.0 2021-02-05 Bugs fixed.
3.73.0 2021-01-27 Feature Optimization
We optimized the usage of items from your bag; after opening the item tab, you will be transferred automatically to the last opened bookmark and item type page.
Event Optimizations
1. We optimized the display of Arcade Competition’s ranking.
2. We fixed a few compatibility issues on some specific devices.
3. We optimized the display of Zedd on the main map in the Behemoth Battle event.

ED NOTE: I'm not sure why, but there was a double version increment on this day - my Android accounts got two notices at the same time with rewards for each.

ED NOTE 2: Both the dim bubble bug and the camo bug appear to have been fixed with these releases (hallelujah!) 
3.72.0 2021-01-27 Bugs fixed.
3.71.0 2021-01-15 1.Core Base Once a Core Base battle is over, and the Core Base isn’t occupied by someone from the current battlefield, then the Occupier information won’t be displayed.
2. Fixed Joint Defense’s description: When many Joint Defense ranges are stacked on top of each other, only one will randomly be selected to come into effect.
3. Fixed Shield Maiden, Forest Guardian, and the Strongest Player’s skill effectiveness display..

ED NOTE: I believe this version also introduced a number of bugs, including a substantial problem with Camouflage. Camouflaged players can sometimes be seen, and it appears that they are unprotected, yet can't be attacked. I have also seen bubbled rocks. Further, I believe they changed the rendering of Aegis - it looks thinner and is much harder to see.
3.70.0 2021-01-06 Say hello to our first update of 2021!
Mystery Boxes in Behemoth Battle will have a brand-new look!
Update to the newest version to check it out!
3.69.0 2020-12-30 Fixed a lag issue with the AMS Championship
3.68.2 2020-12-28 Balancing of The Strongest Player officer
3.68.1 2020-12-21 Bugs fixed
3.68.0 2020-12-16 #Exclusive Appearance – Rebuild 4#
Added the exclusive appearance, Rebuild 4, to the HQ, Commando Camp, and Tank Camp. Get your building(s) to Rebuild 4 to check out the new cool appearance(s).
Optimized the display for the “Refine” feature. We also added a notification that shows “Refined!” after each successful refine.
#Bug Fixed#
Fixed a bug that caused improper texts to display when trying to access “More Info” in Unit Enhancement.
3.67.0 skipped skipped
3.66.0 2020-12-08 Bugs fixed
3.65.0 2020-12-02 The holiday month, December, is here!
#Adjusted some event entrances#
The brand-new Christmas season has officially started! We moved the events in “Halloween Night” to the “Bonus” page.
#Bug Fixes#
We fixed the bug that caused a power decrease when upgrading an officer after unlocking his or her “Stratagem.”
3.64.2 2020-11-28 Bugs fixed
3.64.0 2020-11-20 1. Fixed a display error during deployment for Officer – Brian’s skill “Morale Boost.”
2. Added a remove option for the Class Aptitude of officers. After removing, the Gold used to lock the Aptitude won’t be returned.
3. Optimized the display of progress in the Sprint Gift event;
4. Optimized the display of rewards in the Sprint Gift event; now, you can see the Objective Reward for all stages.
5. Limited-Time Trial, the requirement has been changed to HQ level 6 or above.
3.63.0 skipped skipped
3.62.0 2020-11-10 Bugs fixed
3.61.0 2020-11-04 #Game Optimizations#
1. Fixed the description for the Defense Facility Expansion in Officer Talents;
2. Precision Technology now has a display for research progress;
3. We changed the default setting for the Command Center Visit to "Off." Commanders must turn this feature on manually to activate it.
#Event Optimizations#
Jigsaw Race & Quick Quiz: We changed the requirement to commanders with HQ Level 8 or above.
3.60.0 2020-10-27 1. Fixed a display issue (After use) for Amaterasu's Active Skill-Oath.
2. Fixed a problem with Gingerbread Man-X's skill description.
3. Fixed a skill description problem with "Corps Cooperation" in the Officer Talent-Technology Master.
3.59.0 2020-10-23

Fixed an issue that caused the sort position of some items inside your inventory to change.

3.58.0 2020-10-20 #New features coming online soon#
Item collection: Added the “Collection” tab to the Items for you to quickly find the items in the collection.
1, Fixed some compatibility issues for certain device models while playing Jigsaw Race.
2, Optimized the Counterattack Ranking Rewards: Removed the 120 people restriction for the 1st place reward. People with an equal number of points will receive the same corresponding ranking reward.
3.57.0 2020-10-13 Bugs fixed
3.56.0 2020-09-25 Bugs fixed
3.55.0 2020-09-17 Fixed a starting issue with Faction War
3.54.0 2020-09-09 1. Added the display of countdown to officers’ Special Operation Skills.
2. Corps Battle optimization: the magnifying glass for the corps that already joined will turn green in the Corps Rally Settings.
3. Daily Test UI optimization: while using the “Glue Bomb” skill, the countdown icon will enlarge, and the color will become deeper.
4. The Inferno Event will display the Previous Rankings.
3.53.0 2020-09-03 Bugs fixed
3.52.0 2020-08-26 #Bug Fixes#

Fixed the issue that the Buff-Healing Speed Up was displayed on the battle report.
3.51.0 2020-08-20 #Event Updates#

1. Kill Kate: Added the “In dungeon” note to the Team page to let Commander know the current team status, and avoid missing battles.
2. When “Draw” appears in the Corps Arena, then it will also appear on the Victory page.

#Officer Update#

Optimized and sorted the Officer Inventory; officers with the same name and level will be sorted according to the officer skill levels. (The officer with the highest skill level will appear first)
3.50.0 2020-08-12 Bugs fixed
3.49.0 2020-08-06 #Evil Toy Loot Update#
Original single-day reward (Choose one out of the following three):
Helena (Fragment) *20, Chris (Fragment) *15, May (Fragment) *15
New single-day reward (Choose one out of the following three):
Helena (Fragment) *20, Wayne (Fragment) *20, Sergeant Max (Fragment) *15
3.48.0 2020-07-31 #Changes to the Store#
We have removed the following "Marble" items from the store:
50 Marbles
100 Marbles
500 Marbles
1,000 Marbles
3.47.0 2020-07-23 #Display upgrade#

Added the display for "Locked Officers" to the Officer Talents page.

#Features optimizations#
1. Added a secondary confirmation, which will appear when you purchase Marbles in the Bug Killer event.
2. A red mark will appear on the Stick Together Event when you have free Charge(s) available.
3.44.0 2020-07-01 New Collections in the United Combat System

1. Officer System: Added the Angel Alysssa and Mulan;

2. HQ Appearance System: Added the Lapine Luxury and Dragon Boat;
3.43.0 2020-06-25 Bugs fixed
3.42.0 2020-06-18 Bugs fixed
3.41.0 2020-06-11 Bugs fixed
3.40.0 2020-06-04 # Changes to United Combat #

If an A-quality Officer and an S-quality Officer have the same name and can both collect Officer Scraps, then the A-quality Officer's collection progress will be determined by the Officer with the highest rank out of the two.
3.39.0 2020-05-28 Optimized the game's memory usage.
3.38.2 2020-05-25 Bug fixes.
3.38.0 2020-05-21 #Functions and Interface optimizations#

1. Optimized the Top Commander award page:

The information of the commanders who have been awarded will automatically move to the bottom of the page, and the awarded logo will be added, this will help Top Commanders with the award function.

2. Optimized the tips and tools in the Unit Training page:

We added a second confirmation prompt, when purchasing training speedup with gold in the Unit Training page, to avoid accidental purchases to occur.

3. Optimized the icons on the left side of the Event Page

We added a small arrow to the icons on the left side of the event page (Events, gift packs, etc.); tap it to hide some icons to widen the view.

#Issue Fixed#

Fixed a logic issue with the guidance for the Corps Task “Send unit to reinforce allies”, tapping it now will transfer you to the Corps Members page.
3.37.0 2020-05-14 #Unit Type Name Change#

Due to the mismatch of unit names and corresponding image, the names for Vanguard (Level IV Commando) and Machine Gunner (Level X Commando) will trade places. This change does not affect the effectiveness of both units.

#Battle Report Display Upgrade#

We have added “Other Effects” to the battle reports, adding the display of Rebuild Privilege in Tank Camp, Copter Camp, and other camp buildings. (Tap the camp buildings, then More Info to view)

#Fixed the Blade of Champion Icon#

Fixed the issue with the Blade of Champion icon not displayed properly in the Air Force gear icons.
3.36.0 2020-04-30 Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements
3.35.2 2020-04-24 Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements
3.34.0 2020-04-17 Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements
3.33.0 2020-04-09 #Monthly Sign-In Rewards Optimizations#

28th day of Monthly Sign-In reward has changed to “Officer Refresh Ticket*1” from “Lv. 1 General Chest*50”

# New Air Force Gear- Please stay tuned #

New Air Force Gear set “Blade of Champion”, with powerful firepower suppression attributes, so please stay tuned!
3.32.0 2020-04-02 Issues Fixed

1. Fixed the issue with the Top Commander cannot change Battlefield names;

2. Karate Master's skill "Instant Deployment"; fixed an issue where changing account after a rally doesn't consume "Instant Deployment" times.
3.31.1 2020-03-27 Bug fixes(Crash on some devices).
3.31.0 2020-03-26 Bug fixes.
3.30.0 2020-03-19 #3 Year Anniversary#

New items: Glory Insignia, Loyalty Insignia, Oath Insignia are available. Stay tuned in the announcement in game to find out how to get them.

#Raid Elite Insignia prerequisite#

The prerequisite to unlock Raid Elite Insignia is clearly shown.

#New Features Available#

1.Birthday System

2.Loss Reward system - Flora's Gift

#Secret Recruitment#

Minimum-guarantee rewards will be added in Secret Recruitment. Recruit a certain amount of times to get them. Check the event for the exact time when this feature will be open.
3.29.0 2020-03-12 #Daily/Weekly Calendar Available#

Tap the Event or Bonus button on the home screen and then tap the calendar button on the top right corner to enter the calendar interface.

You can see the events that are available on the day and tap the clock icon on the right to go to the event.

Tap the clock icon on the right corner of the weekly calendar interface to pre-register the events that are not open yet. Before the event opens, you will get a notification about it (preregistration can be canceled at any time).
3.28.1 2020-03-07 Bug fixes(Device token wrong on iOS 13+)
3.27.0 2020-02-27 Bug fixes.
3.26.0 2020-02-20 #Battle reports can be shares in Pinnacle of Battles#

Tap the share button on the bottom of the battle report to share the report to the chats.

#Parade Ground optimized#

You can check the units detail when Parade Ground is under upgrading.

#Aegis Cancellation Notice#

Tap your avatar - settings - options - Send a notification when your Aegis is about to be canceled. You can tap to turn it on or off. When it is turned off, you won't receive the reminder that the Aegis is about to be broken when attacking.

#Points displayed in Battlefield Purge#

Points of battlefields are displayed on the interface of Battlefield Purge.

#Effect you get when reaching each level of Corps Technology and HQ Appearance is displayed#

Corps Technology: Tap Corps - Corps Technology - Corps Buffs - Any technology - the question mark beside the number to check the effects.

HQ Appearance: Tap HQ - Personalized Appearance - Any Appearance - Upgrade - the exclamatory mark beside the attribute to check the effects.
3.25.0 2020-02-13 #Gold Display in Coupon Packs#
Gold display is added for the packs in Coupon Store. You can check the number of gold contained in the packs of Coupon Store.
#Unit Details in Parade Ground optimized#
Research Precision Technology - Elite Combat to check the proportion of high-level units in all your units under Parade Ground - Units Details.
#New feature: Trade All in event Happy Purchase#
Trade All feature is added to the interface of event Happy Purchase. You can quick trade for the items or officer fragments that meet the requirements.
#Quick purchase feature for Order & Chaos#
Tap the item in Reputation Store to customize the number of item you want to purchase.
#Corps abbreviation at Supply Point#
The abbreviation of Corps name is shown at Special Operations - Supply Point, but commanders can attack ally’s Supply Points.
#Quick Dismantle for Unit Modification Blueprint#
Tap Lab - Blueprints - the recycle icon on the top right corner - select a blueprint - tap confirm - check the note and number - tap Dismantle. You'll get Modification Blueprint Upgrade Book in return, as well as a chance of getting Advancing Books and Transfer Books.
3.22.3 2020-02-07 Bug fixes
3.22.2 2020-01-24 #VIP Changes#
The benefits related to Joint Military Exercises you get from VIP have been replaced by the benefits of Pinnacle of Battles. Tap the VIP icon under your avatar and then tap the VIP levels to check that.
The Changes are:
VIP 11: Clear cooldown for free in Pinnacle of Battles +1 (New)
VIP 12: Earn double points upon a successful challenge in Pinnacle of Battles +1 (New)
VIP 13: Earn double points upon a successful challenge in Pinnacle of Battles +1, Clear cooldown for free in Pinnacle of Battles +1
VIP 14: Earn double points upon a successful challenge in Pinnacle of Battles +1, Clear cooldown for free in Pinnacle of Battles +1
VIP 15: Earn double points upon a successful challenge in Pinnacle of Battles +3, Clear cooldown for free in Pinnacle of Battles +2
VIP 16: Earn double points upon a successful challenge in Pinnacle of Battles +3, Clear cooldown for free in Pinnacle of Battles +2
VIP 17: Earn double points upon a successful challenge in Pinnacle of Battles +3, Clear cooldown for free in Pinnacle of Battles +2
VIP 18: Earn double points upon a successful challenge in Pinnacle of Battles +5, Clear cooldown for free in Pinnacle of Battles +3
VIP 19: Earn double points upon a successful challenge in Pinnacle of Battles +5, Clear cooldown for free in Pinnacle of Battles +3
VIP 20: Earn double points upon a successful challenge in Pinnacle of Battles +5, Clear cooldown for free in Pinnacle of Battles +3
VIP 21: Earn double points upon a successful challenge in Pinnacle of Battles +10, Clear cooldown for free in Pinnacle of Battles +5

#Newly Added Quick Fuse button for officer fragments#
When you have more than 200 officer fragments in Gallery, you can customize the number of fused officers.
3.20.0 2019-12-29 #Air Force attributes interface optimized#
Texts are shown in a clearer way. Only the names of attributes are displayed. The problem that incomplete texts are shown because they are too long has been fixed.
3.19.0 2019-12-19 #Expiration reminder for time-limited items#
A mail will be sent to you reminding you that time-limited item will expire.
#Mark feature optimized#
Batch delete feature is added. Tap the three dots icon in the top right corner of Bookmarks interface and then Select All to delete multiple marks.
#Captive system optimized#
Time countdown is added for auto return and destruction of captured officers.
#Witch's Tarot Probabilities#
Tap the exclamatory mark on the event interface and to check the probabilities.
#Officer Talent system optimized#
You can preview the officers’ special talent skill when it is still locked.
#Logs of unlocking and attacking stages in See In the New Year#
Tap the log button on the event interface to check the logs of unlocking and attacking stages.
#Preview on using multiple resource items and Stamina#
You can preview the amount of total resources or Stamina after using multiple items.
#Can’t Be Sent icon optimized#
A mark is added to the items that can’t be sent. And the reminder “Can’t be sent” is moved to the description of the item.
3.18.0 2019-12-12 #Christmas Month Carnival#

1.Icon of free daily rewards in Christmas Shop is optimized. Tap the gift icon to claim the rewards.

2.Some problems are fixed.
3.17.2 2019-12-05 # New feature

1. Update to have the new Christmas themed loading interface.

2. Christmas events

3. Bugfix
3.17.0 2019-11-28 # New feature

1. Update to have the new Christmas themed loading interface.

2. Black Friday events
3.15.0 2019-11-21 #Officer Cultivation Swap Optimized#

New feature - Prestige Swap is added. After Prestige Swap is completed, Officer Prestige will be reset and corresponding items will be returned.

#Problems Fixed#

Text display on technology interface is optimized.
3.14.0 2019-11-14 Bug Fixes And Performance Improvements
3.13.5 2019-11-10 #Bug fixes
3.13.0 2019-10-31 #2 days to Halloween#
Halloween is coming in 2 days. The commander center is decorated with Halloween themed items.
Jack-o-lanterns, skeleton wallpaper, mini tombstone and ghost tree. Also the wizard hat and bedclothes are set up for Halloween.

Ride Demon Ship with Dark Soul and Fantom Rider to the Halloween party!

Update the game to have all the new features above.
3.12.0 2019-10-24 #New Officers Group in Command#

Tap the Assignment Center > Command to check the positions. 1 new group of officers is added to Auditors and Commander respectively. Activate the officer group to gain powerful buff.
#Invasion Broadcast in Deep Battle optimized#
To improve the gaming experience, Invasion of a commander from other battlefields will be broadcast 40 seconds after the commander enters your battlefield.
#5-star Martin and Doctor Comedian will come soon#

5-star Martin(C-quality) and Doctor Comedian(B-quality) will come soon! Stay tuned in the AMS Studio mail for the exact time when they will be available.
3.11.0 2019-10-18 #New Corps Techs#

Tap Corps > Corps Technology to check and research the new corps techs.

#Corps Command protection system optimized#

Aegis won't be activated when you place Corps Command after recycling it, but when you place the Corps Command after demolishing it, an Aegis will be activated.
3.10.0 2019-10-11 #Color of marching line adjusted#

The color of enemy's scouting marching line is changed from Red to Yellow, which is different from that of attacking line.

#Copy commander's nickname#

You can tap the Copy button on commander info interface to copy that commander's nickname.

#Territory buffs interface optimized#

Territory buffs interface is optimized. The actual effect of each tech won't be affected. New corps techs will be added in the following update.
3.9.0 2019-09-27 #Offline Messages Reminder optimized#
You will be only reminded of the offline messages for current account. The mess caused by the offline messages for other accounts on the same device won’t happen.
#Corps Name on Corps Boss#
When you summon a corps boss, the abbreviation of your corps name will be shown on that boss.
#More Notification Options#
You can set the notifications on being attacked, scouted and receiving ally reinforcements, your units returning. Tap the avatar in the top left corner > the gear wheel in the top right corner > Notifications to check the details.
#Officer Warehouse Level Extended#
One higher difficulty level is extended for Officer Warehouse in Special Operations.
3.8.0 2019-09-19 #Resource Assistance Optimized#
Commanders can type in the amount of resources you want to assist on the Resource Assistance interface. There is limitation on the Resource Assistance. At least 10 resources should be assisted.
#Ace Commander Ranking Optimized#
In the new ranking rules, two reference qualifications are added: officer quality and officer rank.
#Secret Base Level Expanded#
The levels of Secret Base are expanded by 5 levels. Higher difficulty, better rewards!
#Unit Name Changed#
The name of some Units is changed but their power aren’t affected at all.
3.7.0   #Rules to use Aegis Optimized#

If you attack a resource point but fail, you can use Aegis when your attacking units are on their way back to your command center.

Come and update to have this new feature!
3.6.11 2019-09-15 some optimizations and bug fixes
3.6.10 2019-09-12 #3D AMS Arrives#
At the end of August, 3D AMS finally arrives.
You can find lively evil toys, better special effect and smoother gaming control.
Update to 3D AMS to have a better gaming experience now!
3.6.0   #Weekly Card#
The Weekly Cards that have been purchased will be shown in the top.
#Inter-battlefields Battle#
For the sake of fairness, it will not be allowed to cross the battlefields when battlefield maintenance is going on. Crossing battlefields will be allowed after the maintenance is completed for all battlefields.
#Visual problem of Arabic fixed#
The visual problem in Arabic mail that some letters were not shown has been fixed. Thank you for the feedback.
2.105.4 2019-08-29 Fix some bugs
2.105.3 2019-08-26 Fix some bugs
2.105.2 2019-08-21 Fix some bugs
2.105.0 2019-08-02 Fix some bugs
2.104.2 2019-07-27 Some small improvements and bug fixes.
2.104.0 2019-07-22 Some small improvements and bug fixes.
2.103.0 2019-07-10 #Update in FAQ: Correctly Read Battle Report#

Entrance to FAQ: The little robot behind HQ → Hot Topic → How to correctly read a battle report.

Update to the new version to get the new features.
2.102.0 2019-07-07 #New Command Positions Coming Soon#
Four new positions are added in Command and they will be unlocked when your command level reaches level 60, level 70, level 80 and level 90.

#Level cap in Unit Enhancement increased# - Coming Soon
Level cap for Vehicle Lieutenant, Commando Lieutenant, Copter Lieutenant, Artillery Lieutenant is increased to level 200. Spend Spray to enhance the units.
2.101.0 2019-07-04 In the new update, we optimized the running speed of the game.

We hope that commanders can enjoy a better quality gaming environment when participating in the events.

Thank you for your support all the time!
2.100.0 2019-06-30 #Officer Evolution#
The new officers that can be evolved to S-quality are:
Logistics officer: Production Expert
Military officer: Spencer
Deployment officer: Edwin, Headless Knight.

#First Recharge Gift#
Participate in the event to get the complete officer. The officer you will get upon the first recharge is not confined to Fluffy Bear. It will change with the event.

#Regular Rewards optimized#
Entrance: AMS Points Store (Items > Store > Special)
2.99.0 2019-06-23 #Robot - Terminator#

#New plane - Conqueror#

The new features mentioned above will be available after the game version for iOS is approved. Please follow the AMS Studio mails for the exact time. Thank you for your patience.
2.98.0 2019-06-05 #Free chances to sweep in Counterattack increased#

5 more free chances to sweep are granted when HQ reaches level 15 and level 25.

PS. Due to data synchronization, some commanders who have met the requirements may not get the free chances to sweep on the day when the game is updated, but they will get the free chances the next day.

#Corps Permissions Optimized#

Corps General can change parts of permissions for the corps members. If some members’ permissions are changed after the update, please contact Corps General to modify them.

#New feature - Discount Shop# is coming

The items stay for a while in the shop. Purchase any item you want. Some items won’t be able to be purchased when they are sold out.
2.97.0 2019-06-02 #Battlefield Merging#
Events of battling will be postponed for the battlefields which just went through merging.

#New Event - Treasure Hunt#
New corps event comes. Go to find the treasure with your allies! Tap Bonus > Treasure Hunt to check the details.

#New Battlefield Buff#
New buffs about Magic 8-Ball and Operation Warrior arrive. Refer to the Upcoming Event announcement and Battlefield buff interface for them.
2.96.0 2019-05-29 #League Ranking Rewards#

Ranking rewards for Rankings - League mode are optimized. Commanders will get ranking rewards of corresponding stage.

#Battle Report Optimized#

Stats are shown in comparison on the battle report.

#Odds of items and events are available#

Tap the little robot beside the HQ > FAQ > Probability to check the odds, or tap the Check Odds button on the items in the items inventory to check them.
2.95.0 2019-05-15  
2.94.3 2019-05-08 Upgrade
2.94.1 2019-04-28 Upgrade
2.94.0 2019-04-25 #Special Operations Optimized#
1.9 new stages are added for Plastro's Command Post.
2.The description of the Counterattack stage level is modified, but the difficulty of the stage won’t be affected.

#Battle Report Optimized# - The attributes comparison is shown more clearly.
1.Update the game and tap the “?” button in the top right corner of battle report to check the battle rules.
2.Detailed description of some battle attributes is added. Tap “?” button on the left side to check that.

#Following problems fixed#
1.The bug in See In the New Year is fixed.
2.The problem that commanders who set Indonesian and Hindi as their game language receive the mails in other language is fixed.
2.93.0 2019-04-19 #Special Operations-Supply Point optimized#
Supply Points and Officer Warehouse stages are expanded.
#Some items in Inventory can be sold#
Some items in the Inventory can be sold. Check the upcoming official mails for the way to sell them.
#Scout Report optimized#
The location of the commander who initiates the scout will be shown in the scout report received by the commander whose Command Center is scouted.
#Display of Corps battle log optimized#
Battle log of corps member being rallied will be added to the corps message area (in the middle of Corps interface) so that corps members can send reinforcement ASAP.
#New event: Lord of War# coming soon
Enemy’s power being reduced, your power being reduced and using Supply Chest to earn points. Win the honor: Lord of War in points ranking.
#New feature: Upgrade HQ Appearance# coming soon
Upgrade the HQ Appearance to enhance its attributes. Coloring feature can be unlocked. Stay tuned for the details!
#Inter-Server and Event Matching#
1.Commanders in the special battlefield can only teleport to another special battlefield with Beginner Teleport.
2.The special battlefields couldn't be matched with the global battlefields in Deep Battle.
2.92.0 2019-04-16 #Factions Brawl Coming!#

Factions Brawl in which commanders from different battlefields are grouped into factions to battle is coming! Enter another battlefield to seize the buildings, grab points and buffs! Troops can only be wounded in the event and the wounded troops will be automatically recovered in proportion after the events end.

Multi-battlefields battle event is coming!
2.91.0 2019-04-04 #Air Force Improved# - Coming Soon

1.New features are added for planes: Armor, Firepower, Energy which provide Defense, Attack and Marching Speed bonus for units.

2.Planes can be upgraded and promoted. Upgrade the planes to improve their Armor, Firepower and Energy. Promote the planes to unlock powerful attributes.

3.Another new feature for planes: Pilot. Set the pilots for the planes to improve their Armor, Firepower and Energy.

4.The limit on the amount of Air Force gear slots is removed. You can increase the gear slots infinitely without purchasing them. The Gold which you spent to purchase the slots in the past will be refunded to you via a mail.

5.Black Market is moved to Air Force Supply.

#Display of Gear Chest Optimized#

The background color of some Air Force Gear Chests is changed to the color of the gears they contain.

When you encounter any problem in the game, please contact the Customer Support in the game. If the problem you report is verified as a bug, you can get some rewards for that.

AMS Studio
2.90.0 2019-03-30 #Text on Recruit interface optimized#
The text on the buttons of Recruit interface is changed to “Recruitment ×1” and “Recruitment ×10” but the signets you consume won’t change.
#Polish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish are available#
More language options. Choose one that you are familiar with!

If you encounter any problem in the game, please contact the Customer Support in the game. If the problem is verified as a bug, you will get a reward for that!
2.89.2 2019-03-27 Upgrade
2.89.0 2019-03-21 #5-star Officer Talents Modified#
1.Interface Optimized: After the officer is promoted to the top star, Promote button will be changed to Talent button. Tap Talent button to enter talents interface.
2.New weapon system is designed for some S-quality officers. Learn all 5-star talents and reach the full level to unlock the weapon system.

#Clearing Interface in Special Operation Optimized#
Better Clearing interface gives a refreshing feeling.
2.88.0 2019-03-15 #Victoria's Protection Optimized#
Victoria’s Protection is changed from reviving the defender’s dead troop units to offering the speedups and resources needed to recover.
#Corps Quest Entrance Changed#
Corps quests are updated and the entrance to the Corps Quest is moved from Quests interface to the Corps interface.
After Corps Quests are updated, all corps can claim the top points rewards of corps quest. Please follow the quest interface for the time to claim the rewards.
#Counterattack Rewards Changed#
The Training Dummies in the rewards for reaching the most difficult target in each stage are increased. The difficulty increases with the target number.
2.87.0 2019-03-07 #The calculation of event points optimized#
No minus will be shown after the number of the events points is larger than 2.1G. In addition, the rewards could be claimed as usual.

#Clearing rules in chat optimized#
1.The Chat where no new message is updated for 45 and more days will be auto cleared by the system.
2.The messages that have been in the Chat for more than 30 days will be auto cleared by the system. If the number of the total messages in the Chat is still larger than 200 after the clearance, the messages will be cleared in chronological order (the earliest message will be cleared first) till the number of the total messages drops to 200.

If you still encounter the problems that you can’t claim the rewards, the event points are wrongly calculated or the chat glitches, please report the problems to the Customer Support. Once the problems are verified, you will get a reward for reporting bug. Thank you for your support and help!
2.86.0 2019-02-28 #New Vietnamese Version#

Enter Settings to switch the language to Vietnamese!

#Event Ranking Rules Optimized#

To provide a fair gaming environment, the ranking rules are changed to that when they have got the same points, the commander who first reach that points will rank higher than others. First reach, higher rank.

Update the game to Version 2.86.0 in which more surprises are waiting for you.
2.85.0 2019-02-21 #Fortune Wheel# will be available.
Collect 3 stars to get the big prize. After you get it, the big prize will be reset.

Update to Version 2.85.0 in which more surprises are waiting for you.
2.84.0 2019-01-29 #New Counterattack and Seek Aid in Counterattack quests are added in Daily Quests.

#Sweeps Available in Counterattack, 5 Free Sweeps Every Day#

The higher level stage you clear in counterattack, the higher the top difficulty of the stages that can be swept the next day is. The top difficulty of the stages that can be swept in the 4 target bases doesn't affect each other.
2.82.0 2019-01-18 --Refund Ban Notice--
Refund ban reason and countdown can be seen on loading interface.

Christmas Store will soon be closed, please exchange for items in time.
Christmas series Air Force Gears have been removed from Lucky Supply
New Year events are coming soon, stay tuned~
2.81.0 2019-01-10 What surprises will it be in the first update in 2019?

#New Decorations#
After Christmas, the HQ will usher in a new look~

#Hindi & Filipino available#
Globalization continues! Hindi & Filipino will be available in this update~

#New levels of secret base#
Call your friends and challenge the new levels together!

Christmas Store will soon be closed, please exchange for items in time.
Christmas series Air Force Gears have been removed from Lucky Supply
New Year events are coming soon, stay tuned~
2.80.0 2018-12-30 #New feature: Troops Remodeling is coming!#

There are three requirements to remodel the troops: Spray. Strengthen Level and Remodel Permission.

1.You need to consume Spray to strengthen three parts of the troop unit to level 30.

2.Tap “Remodel” to get Remodel Permission and then start remodeling the troop unit.

3.After remodeled, the troop units will get Tank Captain, Commando Captain, Copter Captain, Artillery Captain Medal.

4.Use Spray to strengthen the unlocked skill.
2.79.0 2018-12-19 New Evil Toys are in the battlefield. How could I find them faster?

#Search for Evil Toys optimized#

After the optimization, you can search for the Evil Toys with the 5 classifications: Tan Army Squad, Doll, Plant, Animal, Machine.

#Thai and Malay are available in game#

Thai and Malay versions of game are available for players.

Update the game to version 2.79.0 to get the new features.
2.78.0 2018-12-16 #Rally Battle Optimized#
After the rally is initiated, if less than two commanders participate in the rally within the rally time, the rally will be automatically disbanded in case a great loss is caused.

#Aegis won’t be broken when participating in War of Time#
In the new version, you won’t be worried about that your Aegis will be broken when you attack the NPC in War of Time.

#New Indonesian Version#
Indonesian Version of game is available.
2.77.0 2018-12-06 #Christmas Month#

The Christmas events are open one after another. How many quests in Christmas Collection Album have completed?

Do you want Snow Fairy, Fluffy Bear, Hunt Master or Forest Elder?

New HQ Appearances are also available! They are Christmas Crystal Ball, Mechanical Snowman and Christmas Boots.

Update the game to version 2.77.0 to get the new features!
2.76.0 2018-11-29 #Air Force and Formation Optimized#
1.New Default Plane option: The default planes will be displayed in order of power. When the plane with more power can’t be sent to marching, the plane with less power will be sent.
2.New formation change reminder.
3.Text reminder and formation process are optimized, making it clearer to set the formation.

#New special operation 1st win reward#
You can get triple rewards on the first win in the normal stage of Special Operation every day!
2.75.0 2018-11-22 #Black Friday Shopping#

The Black Friday event which is exclusive for AMS commanders is coming.

Get excited about it? Tap the BLACK FRIDAY button on the right of the interface to enter the event. The discount ranges from 50% to 80%.

Ready to get what you want?

Update to version 2.75.0 to get the new features.
2.74.0 2018-11-15 #Display of Plane Buffs Optimized#
Only the buffs of the garrisoned planes are displayed on the garrison zone and only the buffs of the marching planes are displayed on the marching interface. Tap Air Force CMD Center > Planes Store > My Plane and then tap any plane to check the attributes of that plane.

#More Buildings can be Rebuilt# - Coming Soon
Nexus can be rebuilt to higher levels. More building buffs are waiting for you!

#Robots can be converted#- Coming Soon
2.73.0 2018-11-07 We will optimize the following features in the new version:
1.The max troops units allowed in marching and defending will be increased to 35.
2.Some glitches in the new chat system are fixed. A better chat system is provided.

New features are available:
1.The top level of Corps Gift is increased to Lv.80. More gifts are waiting for you to open.
2.Important Notification of Corps is optimized. You can modify Important Notification Permission in Corps Settings.
2.72.0   #Chat Feature Optimized#

#Air Force Modified#

#Privileges Card Changed#

#Battle Report Optimized#
2.71.0 2018-10-25 #The effect of Halloween Insignia is optimized#

Halloween is coming. Light up the Jack-o-lantern.

Update the game to version 2.71.0 to get the new experience.
2.70.1 2018-10-23 Some improvements and bug fixes
2.70.0 2018-10-18 #Stamina required to attack Fanatic General is changed#

The same amount of Stamina will be consumed to attack Lv.1 Fanatic General and attack Lv.5 Fanatic General. Follow the Stamina interface for the details.

#Max Garrison Troops in Super Weapon Increased#

Max Garrison Troops in different level of Super Weapon are increased.
2.69.0 2018-10-12 #Battle Report Optimized#
You can view the info of the officers in the reinforcement after the battle report is optimized.

#Corps Target’s HP Reduced#
The HP of the batteries around EM Knight is reduced. Rally with the allies to defeat him.

#Officer Interface Optimized#
#New Countering Tech# -- Coming
New tech will be available in the Lab! It will counter the powerful characters. Do you expect it?
Update the game to version 2.69.0 to have the new experience.
2.68.0 2018-09-27 #High-quality Update#
Buildings are updated and the animation is improved.
Details on event interface are optimized. Preparation for the coming of Halloween is made.
Please update the game to version 2.68.0 to experience the improvement.
2.67.0 2018-09-20 #Sort Out Mails#
Sort out the mails following the reminder.
#Resource Bonus Classification Optimized#
In the new version, we combine the stats of the technology resource bonus from the items and the stats of bonus from Battlefield Titles into Other Resource Bonus.
#New Legion Weakened Tech# - Coming Soon
New Legion Weakened II and Legion Weakened III arrive in the Lab. Research them to weaken the enemies!
Update your game to version 2.67.0 to have a better experience.
2.66.0 2018-09-06 #Diversified Chapter Quests# - Complete the quests to start the new chapter and get the rewards.
#Event Interface Optimized# - Two entrances to Event Center: Bonus and Event. Events are clearly classified. Plenty of bonuses are waiting for you!
#Recharge Entrance Optimized# - Tap the icon under Bonus to view the special offer of the day. Tap the officer box to enter officer store.
Please update the game to version 2.66.0 to get more optimization
2.65.0 2018-09-03 #New Corps Feature# - Corps Chest is coming soon. Allies will help you open the chest!
Entrance: Moneybox - Corps Chest
#New Officer# - A-quality officer Nur: the guardian of Vehicles and the light of life for all officers in marching queue.
Preview: Officer - Gallery
Benefited Troops Unit: Vehicle. Increases ATK, DEF and HP when sending marching.
Way to obtain: Please follow the events announcement and notifications in the game.
2.64.0 2018-08-31 More updates than you expected!
Update One - #VIP Bonus#: Activate VIP to enjoy various bonus.
Upgrade to VIP2 to enjoy:
1.Officer Quick-Upgrade
2.Officer Rank Quick-Upgrade
3.Open All Corps Gifts One-Click

Upgrade to VIP10 to enjoy:
1.Wounded healing speed +20%
2.Wounded healing resource utilization rate +30%

Update Two - #Robot - Warlock# is coming.
Name: Warlock
Skills: As long as one member of the corps has it, Attack, Defense, HP and Corps Rally Attack Marching Speed will be increased. The effect can be stacked when multiple members have it.
Feel the power of Warlock?

Update Three - #Battle Around# is coming.
Event Name: Battle Around
Entrance: Event Center - Hot - Battle Around
Event: Complete specific quests following the guide on event interface to get the rewards. During the event, attack Evil Toys, Fanatic General specific times to claim rich rewards!

Update Four - #Special Operation is improved#: Better gaming environment provides you better gaming experience.
Feel excited about the new updates? Update the game to the new version to enjoy them!
2.63.0 2018-08-16 #Optimized Joint Military Exercises#
The rewards are updated and matchup rules are optimized. Opponents with the proximate levels will be matched up.
#Corps quest rewards are increased#
You will get more Corps Honor after completing Corps quest.
#Upgrading officer is optimized#
No officer or fragment will be provided as the optional material when upgrading officer. Only training dummies will be consumed to upgrade officers.
Update the game and get a better gaming experience!
2.62.0 2018-08-09 #Show me the power of Cannonball#
Victoria’s Special Operation skill Vulcan Missile is enhanced to Cannonball.
2.61.0 2018-08-03 New officers are coming!
Captain Petrov from Russia and Mr.Figure from Japan.
Which one do you prefer?
2.60.2 2018-07-30 Recently, AMS Air Force Radio get lots of loyal followers.
As for commander’s feedback, the high command order that the bugs should be fixed ASAP to provide a better gaming experience.
#Some bugs# are fixed in new Version.
Start the game along with #new parade sound effect#.
2.59.0 2018-07-19 #Self-protection is the best defense#
When you are not in the game, Aegis Expiration Reminder relives you of the worry that the enemy launches a surprise attack on your command center.
When you are in the game, there will be a mail of Aegis Expiration Reminder sent to you. This feature will help you activate another Aegis when you are busy in frontline.
Aegis Expiration Reminder mail is added to the new version. Double protection systems to help you protect your command center.
2.58.0 2018-07-12 Q: What should I do if my captured officer is in a coma? A: Reincarnate it with Glue!
Q: What should I do if my captured officer is less powerful than before? A: Reincarnate it with Glue!
Super Glue is on sale in Corps Store. In addition, The normal Glue can be exchanged at half price!
AMS Glue helps you restore your Officers!
2.57.2 2018-07-09 fix account bug
2.57.0 2018-07-08 Commanders, new version is coming!
The new feature - #Talent Reset” can be used to reset the Talents of even 5-star Officers! Consume Talent Reset items to reset the Talents that have been learned.
Meanwhile, the Officers that were consumed to learn Talents will be turned into free Learn chances and returned to you when resetting Talents.
Drag the skills panel of the officers to check officer talent. Talents will be unlocked when the officer has 5 Stars. Boost your officers!
2.56.0 2018-06-28 #Powerful Gears and War of Time!#
1.New Air Force Gear: Top Player Gears Set, Hornet Gears Set, Commander Gears Set!
2.Time Traveler event is renamed as War of Time. Time Traveler, Time Jumper and Time Lord enter the battlefield. Attack them and win the big prize!
3.Privileges Refueling comes! Pick any privilege you want. Buy them at a low price when your cumulative recharge reaches a certain amount!
4.Special Operation-Warrior Act is about to open. More stages, more rewards!
2.55.0 2018-06-21 #We Love World Cup#
Some bugs are removed.
2.54.0 2018-06-14 #We Love World Cup#
1.New Robots: Boxing Duck and Dragon Lord are coming. Get them for new powerful buffs!
2.New FIFA World Cup Appearance: Sky Field, new Chat Box, Avatar Box and Nameplate bring you into the football field!
3.FIFA World Cup month. Login interface and Command Center decoration are refreshed. Get ready for FIFA World Cup!
2.53.0 2018-06-07 Theme: #We all love World Cup#
1.Increase the display effect of Sally’s Skill: Emergency Rescue but its actual effect doesn’t change.
2.Which country’s World Cup football team do you support? World Cup Guess is coming. Don’t miss it!
3.Toys love World Cup! Bonus - Toy Football Match is about to open. Get rich rewards here!
2.52.0 2018-05-31 1.The bug that Growth Challenge is started when rebuilding is removed.
2.S-quality officer Lynn joins Defense Department. Get him to boost your defense.
2.51.0 2018-05-24 New Feature: Dream Class
1.Class System - Secret Agents is coming. Which type of Secret Agent do you want to become, Intel Expert, Dark Assassin or Geek?
2.Aegis Expiration Reminder is added. You will get a reminder that Aegis is going to expire and has expired 10 minutes before it expires and after it expires, but you need to turn on Notify Me on Settings interface (Tap your avatar - Tap gear wheel icon at the top right corner - Notify Me)
2.50.0 2018-05-17 Dear commander, new version arrives!
1.Special Operation - War Machine is coming. Attack it to get Lucky Prize.
2.Event Center - Hot - Bank opens. 100% deposit interest rate.
3.Event Center - Hot - Self-help Supply Depot opens. Various limited supplies are waiting for you.
4.Store - Special (AMS Point Store) is closing for optimization.
2.49.0 2018-05-10 1.Powerful gears will be available in Refit - Black Market.
2.AMS Points Store arrives.
2.48.0   1.The new feature “Rebuild” will be available. After HQ and Defensive Line reach Lv.30, the following buildings can be rebuilt: HQ and Air Force Factory (Production will be unlocked after rebuilding), Artillery Factory, Copter Factory, Commando Camp and Tank Factory (New units are unlocked after rebuilding). Rebuilding can be done once after Construction is completed 10 times. Rebuilding can be done up to 3 times.
2.New gear - Hornet is about to be available.
2.47.0 2018-04-26 #New Unique Appearance: HQ Insignia#

1.Tap HQ - Unique Appearance - HQ Insignia to preview the effects.
2.Additionally consume permanent appearance items specified in activation requirement to activate Insignia.

Iron Protection or Raid Elite? Designed for you
2.46.0 2018-04-16 1.New Feature: Glory Supply. Obtain 10 Air Force Gears upon each Glory Supply. Participate in it under Air Force Factory -- Air Force Supply.
2.New Feature: Chip Supply. Obtain 1 Air Force Chip upon each Chip Supply. Participate in it under Air Force Factory -- Air Force Supply.
3.New Feature: 10x Strengthen. More convenient to strengthen gears.
Tips: Glory Supply and Chip Supply will be available on Android and iOS when game version on iOS system can be updated to 2.46.0.
2.45.0 2018-04-14 1.Air Force Factory Modifications

-Richer items for purchase, better features to provide easier access to the items, humanized Quick Recycle feature.
-New Feature: Fuse Chip. Four Chips can be fused into a Super Chip.
-The interface of Lucky Supply is optimized. 100× Spin guarantees a Golden Gear.
2.Air Force Gear can be strengthened to Lv.80.
2.44.0 2018-04-05 1.Entrance to Plane’s Active Skill is added to the left bottom corner of the battlefield map. The entrance on the plane info interface keeps staying there.
2.After Deep Battle ends, the commanders who stay in other battlefields because the battle time doesn’t run out will be automatically teleported to the original battlefield.
3.New technologies are coming. Check them in the Lab then.
4.New privileges card and experience system are going online soon.
2.43.0 2018-03-29 1.Entrance to Plane’s Active Skills is moved to Plane’s info interface.
2.Counterattack goes offline temporarily after the countdown of this session runs out. When it comes back in the future, stages will be reset once a day.
2.42.0 2018-03-22 1.Welcome 5-star officers - Headless Knight, Spencer!

2.Easter events are coming!
2.41.0 2018-03-17 1.Team Mode of Battlefield Event is optimized.
2.Combination of Official Positions and Officers is optimized.
2.40.0 2018-03-07 1.Points of Battlefield Event - Battlefield Sweeping are optimized. Stage objective points and Kill points are reduced.
2.AMS Anniversary Officer - Iron Will and AMS Anniversary Appearance - AMS Anniv. Vehicle are coming!
2.39.0 2018-02-28 1.The value of AMS points is changed: 1 US$ =100 AMS Points.
2.The rewards of Joint Military Exercises are changed. Event time is prolonged to 1 month. The difficulty to reach Bronze Medal and Silver Medal is lowered. The difficulty to reach other Medals is heightened.
3.New event: Trade Room is coming soon!
2.38.0 2018-02-08 1.Features related to Rally and March are optimized.
2.Black tiles in the game on some Samsung devices are fixed.
2.37.0 2018-02-01 1.Display of battle report in Special Operation - Supply point is optimized.
2.Special Operation-Counterattack is coming soon!
2.36.1 2018-01-24 1.Robot - Assaulter comes! Activate it to gain powerful buffs: Spray Income Increase and All Units Suppression.

2.New plane: Storm Wind lands on Plane Store. Collect all 4 spare parts to activate it!

3.Protection Mechanism effect is optimized.

4.Metal Detector, Energy Expert, Flora and Tristan are removed. New officer: May comes.
2.35.0 2018-01-17 1.The interfaces of Individual Event, Inferno Event, Battlefield Event and Corps Event are optimized in this version.
2.5-star officer is coming soon!
2.34.0 2018-01-10 1.Battle formula is balanced.
2.Skill bugs of Officers like Metal Detector, Energy Expert and Flora are removed.
3.Items like Super Bomb, Exhilarant and Emergency Healing Apparatus are renamed.
2.33.0 2018-01-03 1.Buttons on the game interfaces are optimized. Interfaces become more neater and clearer.
2.Server structure is optimized. Game becomes smoother
3.Christmas events go offline. They will be available next Christmas.
2.32.0 2017-12-29 1.Interfaces of Air Force Planes are optimized.
2.Christmas Air Force Gears can be traded in Happy Purchase. After trading, the original gear enhancement and identified attributes won’t be kept.
3.New Supply Point is added in Special Operation. Occupy it to get officer promotion materials (this feature will be available after iOS version is approved).AMS Studio
2.31.0 2017-12-20 1.The second Building Queue and Technology Queue are not affected by the remaining time of Commander Privileges.
2.Upgrade RC Plane to acquire Enemy status including Air Force buffs and component buffs of the enemy.
3.Special ops advance squad found new Tan Army stronghold (slide to the right). Eliminate them!
2.30.0 2017-12-15 Brand new buildings: Shelter, Flag and Spraycan are coming!
2.29.0 2017-12-06 1.New Air Force Planes are coming! Tap Air Force Command Center-Planes Store to buy them.
2.Execute Officers to gain extra battle buffs.
3.Formula of cost resources when upgrading buildings is changed.
4.Sub Base Competition comes back!
2.28.0 2017-11-29 1.Brand new Corps Technology: High Moral, Strong Union and Tactical Attack
2.Supplies and Tech Spare Parts required to use Super Weapon are greatly reduced.
3.No Resource will be refunded after Upgrading, Healing and Training Troops are cancelled.
4.Christmas Events Month is coming. Enjoy various events prepared for you!
2.27.2 2017-11-27 1. Brand new Building: War Game Recruit Room is coming (sync update with IOS version). Upgrade it to increase items and exchange discount in Silver Store.
2. New Item: Call for Support is available. Use it to randomly get a Lvl 5-11 Soldier.
3. Adapt to Iphone X
2.27.0 2017-11-21 1.Brand new Building: War Game Recruit Room is coming (sync update with IOS version). Upgrade it to increase items and exchange discount in Silver Store.
2.New Item: Call for Support is available. Use it to randomly get a Lvl 5-11 Soldier.
2.26.0 2017-11-14 1.Brand new corps boss 'Mcdevils', defeat it to obtaine fragments of certain rare officers
2.Thanksgiving Sentry Set Gears will be available in Lucky Supply and Thanksgiving Tribute, get ready!
3.More thanksgiving events will coming soon, stay tuned!
2.25.0 2017-11-09 1. Halloween Wrapped Candies and Poster Pieces can now be fused into Versatile Speedup
2. Thanksgiving officers Turkey Knight, Soldier-X and Thanksgiving Set Gears are about to come, stay tuned!
2.24.0 2017-11-01 1.Happy Halloween!
2.New Feature: Identification attribute preview
3.Marching interface improved
2.23.0 2017-10-24 1.Six Sub Bases appeared somewhere in the battlefield and war must follow with it. Occupied it to enjoy powerful Buffs!
2.Time Traveler difficulty lowered, and you will also have chance to win big prizes for each attacking, Don't miss out!
3.Candy Battles is ending soon, and Candies can no longer be exchanged for rewards after the event ends, please exchange it in time~
2.22.0 2017-10-18 1.New feature: Gear identification & Gear Enhancing.
2.More Halloween events will coming soon,stay tuned!
2.21.0 2017-10-11 Candy Battles - 11th October
Halloween series events-Candy Battles will go the next stage:( Loot Candy),You can Candy Attack other players to loot their candies.
Candies can be used for exchanging Halloween Chat Box fragments.

Help Yourself! - 12th October
'Help Yourself!' will be online for the first time.Freely combine and choose anything you want.

More Halloween events will coming soon,stay tuned!

AMS Studio
2.20.0 2017-10-02 1、The rate of gaining A-quality officers has been much increased in Officer Exchange
2、Halloween events will be open soon,Please stay tuned!
2.19.0 2017-09-22 1.New feature: Special Training,troops will get much stronger and gain an extra stats after Special Training
2.New event:Joint Military Exercises.Richest rewards exceeding anything you've ever seen!
2.18.0 2017-09-16 1. Lucky Supply rewards adjusted
2. Officer Rank Quick-Upgrade feature added in VIP5 privileges
2.17.0 2017-09-07 1. New Officer Privileges card.
2. Recalling troops sent to attack Mad Scientist also returns stamina now.
3. From next week on, silver distribution rule of War Game will be adjusted. The amount of silver obtained from faction ranking will be based on player HQ level.
2.16.0 2017-08-31 1. New event: Outdoor Battle
2. Free chance added in Lucky Supply
3. Upgrade new soldier strengthening skills to make them stronger
2.15.0 2017-08-24 -- War Game – Faction Mode --
1. It’s a new stage of War Game and is open from Monday to Thursday.
2. All players are randomly divided into two factions. Players with the same-color flag on battlefield map belong to the same faction.
3. You can do specified things to earn Morale for yourself as well as for your faction. Your Morale will be converted to silver later and the total Morale of a faction decides which faction wins.
4. The winning faction will win more silver as rewards.

-- Officer Recycling --
1. You can find it in Military Academy > Recycling Center or the recycling icon under Recruit button in Officer interface.
2. You can recycle your surplus officers and get Merit Medals and Training Dummies (random amount) in return.

-- Other Tuneups –
1. Attack rewards added in Fuhrer’s Secret Base.
2. Bug Killer and Recruit Officer quests added in Daily Quest. The point objectives are moderately raised.
3. Fixed a bug in battlefield grouping.
2.14.2 2017-08-17 --Lucky Supply--
1. You can find it in Model Worktable > Lucky Supply.
2. You can get a random Standard Set gear with one Gear Lottery Ticket, which can be obtained in packs.
3. Each spin adds 1 point and you will be able to claim Hellfire Set gears after completing point objectives.

--Officer Exchange--
1. You can find it in Military Academy > Officer Exchange.
2. Select a hero of yours, refresh it and you will see a random hero.
3. You can refresh again or choose to make the exchange. If you choose to exchange, the new hero will replace your selected hero while retaining its previous level, stars and rank.
4. Each refresh costs 1 Officer Exchange Ticket, which can be obtained in packs.

--Other Tuneups--
1. Stamina will be returned if you recall a troop sent to attack an Evil Toy.
2. New hero rewards in Special Operation, Fuhrer's Secret Base and EM Knight.
3. New hero rating system: Heroes will be classified into four qualities: S, A, B, C.
4. Some changes in game terminology: "hero" replaced by "officer" and "captain" replaced by "commander".
2.13.0 2017-08-10 --Air Force Gear--
1. You can build Model Worktable at HQ level 12
2. Use Spare Parts of various types to assemble different Air Force gears, which can provide diverse buffs.
3. Spare Part Chests can be purchased in Store and contain different types of Spare Parts.

1. Alice renamed as Victoria and her marching acceleration skill changed to Commando stats increase.
2. Halbert renamed as Murphy and his Special Forces training acceleration skill changed to Commando stats increase.
3. Corps Supplies needed to upgrade level 1 to 3 Corps Command are greatly reduced.
4. Better rewards for the following corps quests: Corps Trade, Scout Enemy, Fanatic General Rally.
5. Technology interface improved.
2.12.0 2017-08-04 --Battle Algorithm Adjustment—
There is some adjustment to the battle algorithm to improve balance.

--Time Traveler--
Time Travelers invaded our world! Expel them to win great rewards!

--New Technology Interface—
1. Technology grouping and unlocking sequence optimized. After researching certain combination of technologies, you will also gain extra effects.
2. New item – Tech Point, which can be used to complete research immediately without any consumption of resources.

--Other Tuneups—
1. EM Knight difficulty lowered
2. The entrance of Officer Privileges and Weekly Privileges moved to gold purchase button.
3. The entrance of Special Operation changed to Chinook.
4. Summer Poster Pieces can now be fused into 1-Hour Versatile Speedup.
2.11.0 2017-07-28 1. New corps quests: Corps Sign-in, Destroy Secret Base
2. Corps Boss (EM Knight) gameplay updated: Kill one boss to challenge another at a slightly higher difficulty level and win more rewards!
2.10.0 2017-07-22 -- Corps Technology --
1. Corps Technology can be researched after building Corps Command.
2. You can research them and see progress in Corps > Corps Technology.
3. There are two types of technologies: territory buffs and super weapons.
4. It costs Tech Spare Parts to research and use corps technology. Tech Spare Parts can be obtained from corps quests.

-- Corps Ranking –
1. You can find it in Corps > Corps Ranking.
2. There is only a ranking of corps supplies contribution in this version.
3. The daily ranking resets every day and the weekly ranking resets every week.

-- Command Hero System –
1. A smaller amount of heroes are needed to activate the buffs.
2. Appoint specified heroes and you can activate extra buffs.

-- Special Operation – Fuhrer’s Secret Base –
You will find it on the top left corner on Special Operation map. Its heavy defenses require the joint efforts of your corps members to attack and win rewards.

-- Other Adjustments –
1. Corps Moneybox officially removed. Resources stored in it are automatically returned to their owners.
2. Helena changed to a 3D image.
3. Silver looting amount in War Game event is now not affected by HQ level gap between the two parties of a battle.
2.9.0 2017-07-13 1. Technology research also has 5-min free time now.
2. The score objective to win Corps Supplies in Corps Quest is raised.
3. Bug Killer event is now unlocked at HQ level 5.
4. Fixed the display glitch of Lottery Ticket, Coupon, Hero Fragment Chest and some other items in item inventory.
2.8.0 2017-07-06 1. New feature - Corps Boss. Defeat it to win great rewards.
2. New VIP privileges: Donate hero/Upgrade hero/Claim corps gifts at once click
3. Destroying enemy Corps Command will loot 10% Corps Supplies of the enemy corps.
2.7.1 2017-06-28 1. New feature - Corps Quests. Complete quests, earn points and win rewards!
2. Corps Command and Corps Supply Depot are now upgradeable.
3. Quest, Daily Rewards and Achievement interface entrance combined.
2.6.0 2017-06-22 1. Hero upgrade, promote, rank and recruit system adjusted
2. Formation and troop details interface improved
3. Amount of hero fragments to fuse a complete hero reduced to 100
4. Some other small improvements and bug fixes
2.5.3 2017-06-20 1. Pack and event interface improved
2. Air Force Tactics stats adjusted
3. Random Mission (Indian Soldier) temporarily removed for remake. New event Growth Challenge will be opened soon. Please stay tuned!
4. Lowered Joint Command level required to initiate rally against Fanatic General
5. Lowered the difficulty of level 1 and level 2 Fanatic General
6. More detailed recommendation on Fanatic General panel
2.5.2 2017-06-15 1. Pack and event interface improved
2. Air Force Tactics stats adjusted
3. Random Mission (Indian Soldier) temporarily removed for remake. New event Growth Challenge will be opened soon. Please stay tuned!
2.4.3 2017-06-09 1. Hero fragments added in Mad Scientist - Ware Store
2. Speedups for Inferno Event added in Store
3. Speedups replaced with Training Dummies and Hero Promotion Materials in Special Operation and Fanatic General rewards
4. You can now tap on a speedup to use one and tap and hold to use multiple ones
5. Free hero recruiting chances! 1x Free chance every 8 hours and 10x Free chance every 72 hours.
6. The value in Sally's third skill Emergency Rescue 4 is now properly shown.
2.4.1 2017-06-08 1. Hero fragments added in Mad Scientist - Ware Store
2. Speedups for Inferno Event added in Store
3. Speedups replaced with Training Dummies and Hero Promotion Materials in Special Operation and Fanatic General rewards
4. You can now tap on a speedup to use one and tap and hold to use multiple ones
5. Free hero recruiting chances! 1x Free chance every 8 hours and 10x Free chance every 72 hours.
6. The value in Sally's third skill Emergency Rescue 4 is now properly shown.
2.3.0 2017-05-31 1. New building layout
2. New mail system interface
3. Hero upgrade display bug fixed
4. Bug Killer rewards hero promotion materials instead of Files
5. Daily Tactical Points output doubled
6. Military Airport and relevant functions are now unlocked at a later stage. Players who have already unlocked them are not affected.
7. Recruit Hero doesn't produce 3-star heroes any longer. It now produces 4-star heroes, 4-star hero fragments and Training Dummies.
8. New way to use Speedups: tap to use one immediately, and tap and hold to stack-use.
9. Some other bug fixes and improvements
2.2.2 2017-05-26 1. Second technology research queue added in Officer Privileges. You need to update to 2.2.0 version to use it.
2. Aegis and Teleport usage rules adjusted. Please see details in Settings > Guide > Battlefield & Battle > Aegis & Teleport Rules (you can also search the keywords to find it)
3. Office upgrading in Departments > Command is now unlocked at HQ level 14
4. Some small bug fixes and improvements
2.1.0 2017-05-24 Initial Release