Boot Camp

The Boot Camp system was introduced to Army Men Strike on December 27, 2020.  At first I thought it was going to be a mentorship program, but it really doesn't function that way, since there is very little communication encouraged between players through Boot Camp.

Here are the instructions in-game:

Entrance: Friend Icon - Boot Camp

Cadet Requirements: A commander with an Lv. 20 HQ or above can have Cadets with an HQ at least 1 level lower.

Requirements for Drill Sergeant: Commanders with HQ Rebuild Level 4 or less can ask Commanders with one level higher HQ to be their Drill Sergeant.
A commander with an HQ lower than Rebuild Lv. 4 can have a Drill Sergeant with an HQ at least 1 level higher.

Cadet Progression: A cadet can complete a series of quests to pick up rewards. Once the cadet completes a designated number of quests, then he or she can pick up the final prize!

Drill Sergeant Progression: Once a cadet completes a certain number of quests, the Drill Sergeant can receive designated rewards and Drill Sergeant EXP. (Once Drill Sergeant EXP reaches a certain level, the Drill Sergeant can receive Level Reward.)

Cancel Relationship:
Tap the corresponding cadet/Drill Sergeant in the list of relationships and drag left, then tap “Cancel Relationship” button to remove the Drill Sergeant/Cadet relationship. If the Drill Sergeant or Cadet was offline for at least 3 days, then this removal will be free of cost, or else, you would need to spend gold to remove this relationship.


There are two roles in Boot Camp: Drill Sergeant, and Cadet.  A player can be both a Drill Sergeant and a Cadet simultaneously.


In order to be a Cadet and start completing Cadet Quests, a player must find a Drill Sergeant.  Your Drill Sergeant have a higher HQ level than yours (including rebuild levels and sub-levels).  You must ask another player if they will be your Drill Sergeant, and you do this through the Find a Drill Sergeant interface:


Clicking on the Find a Drill Sergeant button will take you to a list of possible Drill Sergeants on your field.  You can select any of these players and click the Apply button, which will send that player a request, or application, for you to be their Cadet and they to be your Drill Sergeant.  That player must accept your application (they can also send you a request to be their Cadet through the Recruit Cadets interface), then they become your Drill Sergeant and you can start completing Cadet Quests.

Cadet Quests consist of various common AMS tasks that progress in difficulty:

  • Upgrade the HQ (building) to Lv.X
  • Log in for a total of X days.
  • Recharge a total of X Gold.
  • Consume X Advanced March Speedup
  • Use X Minutes of Speedup
  • Increase VIP Points by X
  • Consume X Air Force Tactical Points
  • Consume X Spray
  • Consume X Administrative Tech Points
  • Consume X Military Tech Points
  • Upgrade robots or their exclusive weapons a total of X time(s)
  • Covert (sp - "convert") robots a total of X time(s)
  • Lose X units that are Lv.6 or above in battle.
  • Use X Training Dummies
  • Engage in battles with other commanders X time(s)

Each time you achieve the required number for a quest you can claim a reward for that quest, and earn a point towards the grand prize.


The grand prize is worthwhile: 30x 24-Hour Research Speedup, 8x Lv. 5 Training Dummy, 8x Lv. 2 Deployment Material, and 8x Advanced General Material.

By completing Cadet Quests you also help your Drill Sergeant!

Drill Sergeant

Once you reach HQ level 20, you can also recruit Cadets (or accept their applications), which will make you their Drill Sergeant.  Click the Recruit Cadets button to find them:


A Drill Sergeant can only have a maximum of 10 Cadets.

As a Drill Sergeant, when your Cadets accomplish Cadet Quests, you progress as a Drill Sergeant and can earn rewards.  In this way, it does behoove you to help your Cadets complete their quests.  Unfortunately, I don't see any way to see how each individual Cadet is progressing.  As far as I can tell you can only see how they are doing as a group.




Don't get too excited about the blue gem-star-things surrounded by gold in the reward lists.  Those just represent Drill Sergeant EXP, allowing you to progress in Drill Sergeant Level.

Tips and Tricks:

  • The Cadet Search Page allows you to see the online status of any player on the field, however you must have an available Cadet slot to search.  When you have 10 Cadets the Cadet Search page is unavailable to you, however if you kick one of your Cadets and only have 9 it comes back.