Supply Points

Supply Points are stations that can be secured by players on your Special Operations battlefield.  Only one player can hold each one at a time, and controlling a Supply Point gives you rewards that can be collected periodically.  Only the player who holds that position gets the rewards, and players can continue to battle for a Supply Point, trading it back and forth until one player gives up.

Supply Point battles are fought just like other Special Operations skirmishes - on an orange cushion of a couch which represents your battlefield for the skirmish. 

Each Supply Point provides different rewards:

Room Location Max Level Reward
SO 1 (only one) 137 2x Level 1 Training Dummies / hour (max 20)
SO 2 far left 136 3x Lv. 1 Deployment Material / hour (max 30)
SO 2 middle left 136 3x Lv. 1 Technology Material / hour (max 30)
SO 2 lower middle 136 3x Lv. 1 Defense Material / hour (max 30)
SO 2 upper middle 136 3x Lv. 1 Military Material / hour (max 30)
SO 2 far right 136 3x Lv. 1 Logistics Material / hour (max 30)
SO 3 far left 139 1x Gingerbread Man's Strongbox / hour (max 10)
SO 3 lower 139 1x Stark's Strongbox / hour (max 10)
SO 3 upper 139 1x Robinson's Strongbox / hour (max 10)

Each Supply Point generates rewards on a periodic basis, up until it reaches its' max capacity.  You might notice that each Supply Point reaches max capacity at 10 hours, so if you collect at least every 10 hours you won't miss any production.