Christmas Events

Christmas is probably the largest Holiday celebration for AMS, and new Officers, Planes, Robots, and Appearances are rolled out every year.

Christmas 2020

The Christmas 2020 Events were rolled out on 2020-11-30, and the details of the activities are listed here: 2020 Christmas Activity Announcement

  • New Officers:
  • New Plane: Arctic Sleigh
  • New Plane Gears: Devil's Descent and Sled Companion gear sets
  • New Robot: Christmas Devil
  • New Appearances:
    • Cake Castle
    • Gingerbread House
  • New Troops:
    • Snowman Soldier - T12 level Commandos
    • Armored Sleigh - T12 level Vehicles
    • Christmas Airship - T12 level Copters
    • Christmas Cannon - T12 level Artillery

2020 Christmas Activities and Events:

  • Christmas Sticker: A sticker event with a twist: instead of trading stickers for gold, Smiley Seals are the currency (likely to prevent people from transferring gold from their farms to their main planers).
  • Christmas Rebate: Recharge Purchases meeting the listed requirements result in bonus packs for free.
  • Holiday Perks: Activate Holiday Season Perks for daily rewards, including packs of the new 2020 Christmas Troop types.
  • Gear Cultivation Swap (12/1-3): For a fee you can swap your existing plane gears for others, including the new Sled Companion set
  • Plane Swap (12/4-6): For a fee you can swap your existing planes in the allowable "source" list to a different plane in the allowable "target" list (Conqueror, Ice Dragon, Flame Feather, Spaceship).
  • Christmas Recruitment: A special recruit pool using Christmas Recruit Signets (available for purchase at about $5 each) that allows you to recruit either fragments or full officers (see the Announcement for details on which officers can be recruited on what date).
  • Battlefield Pass: A Gent Code-like event, with Pass Points as the currency.  You can purchase an Elite Pass for $10 that unlocks additional rewards, including 100 fragments of Shield Maiden.
  • Unit Modification Order (12/2-3): Full-Firepower-like event allowing you to get Smiley Seals.
  • Enhance Order (12/4-6): Full-Firepower-like event allowing you to get Smiley Seals.
  • Various Battlefield Buffs, including a very rare VIP +50% efficiency buff (on 12/1 only).

It looks like the initial event announcement only has activities from 12/1 through 12/8, so I expect weekly announcements with new activities up until 12/31.