Halloween Events

AMS loves to celebrate Halloween.  Every year they put together a special package of activities for the months of October and November, and they usually release new officers that can be gained by participating in the activities.


Halloween 2020: Halloween Night

  • Limited-Time Trial: AMS allows players to sample Flora-X and an Ice Dragon plane for 7 days.
  • Toy Tower: A multiple day endurance trial requiring three corps members to work together.
  • Halloween Mall: A special store, using Halloween Hats as currency, broken into three categories:
    • Halloween Shop: The base store, available to everyone - purchase items with Halloween Hats
    • Halloween Perk Shop: for $4.99 you can activate a special shop that allows you to purchase premium items at significantly reduced prices.
    • Halloween Perks: A special pack only available for purchase ($9.99) to players who have activated Halloween Perks.
  • Halloween Investment Plan: Activated for $19.99, this allows you to collect a specified reward every day for 30 days (or until the event ends).
  • Battle Preparation: Reach specified milestones and get free rewards.


Halloween 2019: The Demon Ship appearance was released, as well as the Dark Soul and Fantom Rider officers.

Halloween 2018: Demon Queen was released.

Halloween 2017: Turkey Knight and Soldier-X were released.