Toy Tower

Toy Tower is a Halloween Event that was introduced in Fall 2020 as part of the Halloween Night series of holiday events.  It requires a group effort of three corps members that takes multiple days (2-3 days if the group is keeping at it) to complete.  The rewards for completing the event are not overwhelming such that they drive you to want to finish, so you are driven more by the satisfaction of completing something that takes effort and teamwork.

As the name suggests, the arena for the event consists of a large pyramid of crates.  The team starts their player tokens at the bottom of the pyramid and must work their way up the pyramid to defeat the boss at the top.

Here are the rules as defined in the game:

Occupy spaces with your party members and reach the top stage to upgrde your Toy Rank. Try your best to earn all the Toy Rank rewards!

Occupying Spaces:

  1. Each commander can occupy up to 2 spaces.  Once this limit has been reached, the commander must abandon an occupied space before scouting or occupying a new space. (Exception: Occupying spaces has a chance to trigger a reward event that increases the occupying limit by 1 for a period of time.)
  2. You can only scout or occupy spaces that are adjacent to the spaces your party is occupying.  Try connecting your spaces with the spaces of your party members in order to scout and occupy distant spaces.
  3. Attack a space and reduce the number of its defenders to 0 to start a countdown.  Before the countdown ends, the space can't be abandoned.
  4. A countdown will also begin if you choose to abandon a space.  Once the countdown ends, the space will be abandoned.
  5. During both countdowns, the involving spaces will be counted in your occupying limit.

Battle Rules:

  1. Before starting a battle, scout your adjacent spaces to discover their unit info.
  2. During battle, you'll have a fixed number of initial units.  You can, however, tap the [Toy Army] icon to change your unit types at any time to counter your enemy units.
  3. Before a space is scouted, the unit type of its defenders remains unknown.
  4. Vehicles counter commandos; commandos counter copters; copters counter vehicles.
  5. Level up your Toy Medal to increase your Toy Army's Attack, Defense, and HP.
  6. Double check your unit types and quantities of each type you want to deploy before starting a battle
  7. Units can only be wounded during battle.  The wounded units will be sent to the Adventure Hospital, where they'll heal over time.  Buff items can be used to speed up the healing process.
  8. The reduced defenders of a space won't be replenished immediately, but after a while, they'll be replenished.
  9. If a single commander can't occupy a space on their own, multiple commanders can attack the same space one after another.

About the Toy Medal:

  1. The level of your Toy Medal determines your Toy Army's Attack, Defense, and HP.
  2. Spend Toy Energy to level up your Toy Medal.
  3. Toy Energy is earned from your occupied spaces.

About Toy Energy:

  1. Your Toy Energy Production is determined by two things: a) the spaces you're occupying and b) your current HQ Level.
  2. Toy Energy has a limit. Once its limit has been reached, no more Toy Energy will be produced. Make sure you use it before it goes to waste.
  3. Scouting unknown spaces consumes Toy Energy.

About Toy Rank and Quests:

  1. Reach the required objectives in this event to complete Toy Rank Quests.
  2. Complete the required number of quests to increase your Toy Rank.
  3. Please connect your quest rewards and ranking-up rewards in time.

Random Reward Events:

  1. Occupying spaces triggers random reward events.  Tap the icon in the top-left corner to check all the triggered reward events.
  2. Reward events include: Occupying limit +1 for a period of time; Toy Army & Toy Energy boost; Toy Medal upgrade, etc.

Discover all the reward events in the game!

For better or for worse, this event takes time.  You must increase your Toy Rank in order to launch attacks at some of the higher "Stages" of the pyramid. ("Stages" are the names given to each level of the pyramid, starting from Stage 1 at the bottom up to the boss at Stage 10.  Therefore, Stage 2 is the 2nd level of the pyramid, labeled 2-1 through 2-9.)  In order to increase your Toy Rank, you must complete various objectives as described above.  Your Toy Rank starts at None, then progresses to Rookie, Amateur, Professional, and finally Master as you claim the final reward and finish the event.


Battles are fought individually by each player as they occupy spaces on the pyramid.  The battles themselves are essentially instantaneous - it's the setup and the healing in between battles that takes time, along with slowly earning enough Toy Energy to upgrade your Toy Army's Medal.

Here's how the battle works.  The green player below in space 4-4 intends to occupy the space above them at 5-4.

First, they must make sure they have an available army to attack with.  If they are currently occupying two spaces they must abandon one of them.  To do this, click on the space you wish to abandon, and click "Give Up".  It takes 2 minutes to abandon a space, and you must wait for this 2 minutes is up in order to perform any other battle action.

Next, they scout the position they wish to occupy so they can set their army properly for the attack:

They've found that the enemy army consists of 90,000 Vehicles, so they consult the counter chart:

  • Vehicles counter Commandos;
  • Commandos counter Copters;
  • Copters counter Vehicles

In order to make the most efficient attack, the player chooses the proper counter against the enemy Vehicles, setting his Toy Army to Copters.  To do this, first click on the "Toy Army" icon in the bottom-left.  This takes you to the Toy Army screen:

As you can see, the player has set their army to 100% Copters.  They're now ready to attack the space.  They do so by clicking on the space they wish to occupy and clicking on "Attack".  This brings them to another screen where they can set their army for the attack, but it's largely redundant, because you can only set your attacking army within the parameters of what you set on the previous screen.

Each battle itself is instantaneous, and you either defeat the enemy army and start occupying the space, or your are defeated yourself and your entire army is wounded.

In the following example, the player at space 3-6 wishes to occupy the open space at 4-6.  They have already scouted and found that the enemy army consists of Copters, so they have set their army to the proper counter Commandos.  They launch their attack, and success! They've occupied the new space at 4-6.


They receive detail of the battle results in the mail, and they now have Commando units recovering in the Adventure Hospital.

Now they wait.  In order to make a successful attack you must have enough troops, and it takes time to heal your wounded troops - they heal at a rate of 100 units per minute.  This sometimes takes hours, yet not all is for naught: because you are occupying spaces you are earning Toy Energy as you wait (270 / minute in the above example).  This Toy Energy is crucial as you work to improve your Toy Medal level, which is essentially your unit power level.  In some cases you must achieve a certain Toy Medal level before you can increase your Toy Rank.

While attacking the box spaces is generally pretty easy, beating the bosses usually takes some effort, and might require a coordinated double attack from you and one of your team mates.  Be sure to set your units to the proper counter for these.  Sometimes waiting until your Toy Medal level has increased to a sufficient level can make these battles easier.  If you can't conquer the boss in one attack, they remain wounded so your teammates can attack them in their weakened state and possibly finish them off.  Boss troops will completely heal in 1 hour, however, so you will probably have to coordinate with your teammates to make sure they know what they need to do.


General Tips:

  • Try to keep both of your available armies occupying a space at all times in order to earn Toy Energy.
  • Occupy spaces as high as possible in the pyramid, as doing so earns you Toy Energy at a faster rate.
  • The best way to finish this event is to work at it to make some progress, finish with occupying two spaces as high as possible, then leaving the event for a couple of hours while your units heal and you earn Toy Energy.  When you come back your army will be fresh for new attacks, and you will be able to increase your Toy Medal level with the earned Toy Energy.
  • One of the criteria for achieving Toy Rank Professional is that your party must clear 6 Boss Stages.  In order to achieve this you must work together.  Because you can't progress higher up the pyramid until you've reached Professional, generally this means you must conquer bosses at the lower levels.  Therefore, a tip here is that one of your members might travel back down the pyramid to beat an easier boss at the lower stages a couple of times before moving back up.
  • In the times that I have completed this event, the last task I had to accomplish was to achieve Toy Medal level 35.  The quickest way to do this is to occupy two spaces as high as you can in the pyramid and wait, checking back in every couple of hours.  You'll earn Toy Energy as you're away, and you can then apply that to level your Toy Medal.
  • One thing that I have noticed is that your wounded troops don't automatically re-appear in your Toy Army inventory when they are healed.  To trigger their re-appearance, click the Toy Army icon in the bottom-left, then click Adventure Hospital, then go back to Toy Army.  You will see your available troop numbers increase according to the number of troops that have healed over time.
  • You also have to leave the event page in order to see an increase in Toy Energy - it will not increment while you are in the event, even if enough time passes for you to earn some.
  • Stage 3 and above requires Toy Rank Rookie.
  • Stage 7 and above requires Toy Rank Professional.

If your team works together and keeps at it, you should finish the event in about 2-3 days.


Let me know in the comments if you have a better strategy or any other tips to help in this event!