New Years Events

There are always special activities for the month of January, starting with New Year's Day.

New Year's 2021

The New Year's 2021 Events were rolled out on 2020-12-30, and the details of the activities are listed here: 2021 New Year Event Preview

2021 New Year's Activities and Events:

  • New Year's Whisper: Held during the first three days of the New Year, this amounts to somewhat of a popularity contest, where players can send gifts and/or snowballs to your fellow players.
  • Happy 2021 Investment Plan: A standard monthly investment plan, activated for $20 and providing rewards of 120 Level 5 Training Dummies, one full Conqueror plane, and 13,500 Festival Saplings (the currency for New Year's 2021).
  • Jigsaw Race: A version of the standard Jigsaw Race, with 3 new pictures for you to drive yourself mad trying to arrange.
  • Behemoth Battle: A corps competition where players summon Zedd (similar to Fanatic Generals) for rallies.
  • Happy 2021 Mall: A store using Festival Saplings (the currency of New Year's 2021).  The Happy 2021 Perk Shop can be activated for $5.
  • Battlefield Pass: A second instance of the Christmas 2020 Battlefield Pass event, where players accomplish objectives to earn rewards.
  • Lucky Gacha: A vending machine capsule simulation game where players spend AMS Points to open Gacha for random rewards.