Behemoth Battle

Behemoth Battle is the main corps competition event in the 2021 New Year's activities.  Participation involves two steps: Attacking New Year's Mystery Boxes to gather Zedd Summoning Tickets.  Players then use the Summoning Tickets to summon Zedd - a larger target similar to Fanatic Generals in that they must be rallied by multiple players within a corps.  The event lasts 31 days (from January 1 through January 31).


To participate, individual players must attack the New Year's Mystery Boxes which are strewn about the Battlefield.  New Year's Mystery Boxes can be attacked much like Toys - attacking it consumes 1500 stamina, and they require a march with sufficient troops to destroy it.


The goal of attacking these Mystery Boxes is twofold: first, players fulfill objectives by clearing certain amounts of Mystery Boxes - rewards are provided when a player has destroyed 5, 50, 150, 200, 320, 450, and 650 boxes.  Second, each Mystery Box has the possibility to reward a player with a Zedd Summoning Ticket (each player can earn up to 3 Summoning Tickets each day), which takes us to the next stage of the competition: Zedd the Behemoth.


Zedd the Behemoth is similar to a Fanatic General in that it must be attacked with a rally.  They are relatively weak, and can be killed with one leader and one rally participant. 

Unfortunately, each player can only participate in a maximum of 10 Zedd rallies per day (either leading or joining a rally).  This means that players in a corps must coordinate their attacks, joining rallies only when necessary.

Other important tips:

  • You can only attack a Zedd that has been summoned by your own corps - you may not attack one that has been summoned by another corps.  Each summoned Zedd is tagged with your corps tags so you will know which ones you can attack.
  • A summoned Zedd will only last for 1 hour, then it will disappear
  • Each corps can only have 5 total Zedds summoned at any given time. No one in your corps will be able to summon any more until you have either killed one of them, or one has expired.
  • Save your attacks!  There is no need to join a rally if it already has 1 player that has joined. You will waste one of your valuable 10 attacks for the day.

At the end of the event, the top 5 corps as ranked by total Zedd kills will receive rewards:

  • 1st place: 50x Kremlin Tsar Appearance Fragments, 5x New Year's Melody, 10x 10,000 Plasticizer, 500x Flag Horn
  • 2nd place: 25x Kremlin Tsar Appearance Fragments, 4x New Year's Melody, 8x 10,000 Plasticizer, 400x Flag Horn
  • 3rd place: 15x Kremlin Tsar Appearance Fragments, 3x New Year's Melody, 6x 10,000 Plasticizer, 300x Flag Horn
  • 4th place: 10x Kremlin Tsar Appearance Fragments, 2x New Year's Melody, 4x 10,000 Plasticizer, 200x Flag Horn
  • 5th place: 5x Kremlin Tsar Appearance Fragments, 1x New Year's Melody, 2x 10,000 Plasticizer, 100x Flag Horn

Finally, the 1st place corps will be granted a special resource station of their choosing:

(Honestly, this reward doesn't seem very valuable to me - those are some very small factories compared to what you can summon normally in a corps.)