Happy 2021 Mall

This is simply a New Year's themed perks store.  The first part (Happy 2021 Shop) is open to anyone, and uses Festival Saplings as currency.  Festival Saplings can be collected from many of the other New Year's activities.


In my opinion the available rewards here are pretty good, especially the ability to get a full Terminator robot for pretty cheap (Terminator is my favorite robot for Special Operations).

You can also unlock the Happy 2021 Perk Shop for $5 (you can use 500 AMS Points too):


There are some valuable items available for purchase (using Festival Saplings), including:

  • Triumph E-System (22500 saplings)
  • Triumph Armor (22,500 saplings)
  • Triumph Missile (22,500 saplings)
  • Class Dictionary (2,250 saplings)
  • Talent Reset (2,250 saplings)
  • Purple Blueprint Selection Chest - A (2,250 saplings)
  • Grumpkin - Laser Gun (225 saplings)
  • Grumpkin - Steel Boots (225 saplings)

Once you unlock the Perk Shop, you can also purchase the Happy 2021 Perk Pack for $10 (or 1000 AMS Points) which includes:

  • 500 Festival Saplings
  • 600 Advanced Blueprints
  • 30x 1-Hour Training Speedup
  • 30x 1-Hour Healing Speedup
  • 30x 1-Hour Def. Facility Speedup