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Air Force Tactical Points are used to improve your Plane Attributes

As with most things in Army Men Strike, Planes have numerous parameters that can be improved.  One of those is their Attributes, and Tactical Points are used to increase them.

How to get them:

Packs of 10 Tactical Points can be gotten for free in the Tan Army Onslaught rewards for achieving stages 1-11.

Larger amounts of Tactical Points can be acquired in other rewards.  Some examples are:

  • Event Center - Self-Service Supply Depot (5,000 Tactical Points)
  • Friendship Shop (125,000 Tactical Points for 50 Friendship Points)
  • War of Time: Individual Ranking Reward places 6-100 (20,000 - 60,000 Tactical Points)
  • Event Center - Secret Treasure (lower tier) (10,000 Tactical Points)
  • Operation Halloween - Ultimate Reward (50 Achievements completed) (1,000 Tactical Points)

Tactical Points can also be purchased:

Where Qty. Cost Cost per 1k [US$] Notes
Item Store 50,000 10,000 AMS Points $2.00 As usual, the Item Store is not the best place to purchase things, but it's convenient.
Bonus Center - Order & Chaos - Reputation Store 10,000 1,000 Gold $0.50 The Order & Chaos Reputation Store is a pretty good deal, but it takes a lot of grinding work in order to open up all of the options.  Once open, however, they're open permanently.
Event Center - Discount Shop 50,000 $10,00 $0.10 If you can catch the good deal at the Discount Shop, this is the best place for your to purchase Tactical Points.

(click here for notes on relative worth of AMS Points and Gold)

How to use them:

First you must open the packs from your Item Inventory (click the Use button).  Then, go to your Air Force Command Center and click the Air Force icon.  Click the Plane you wish to improve and click the Air Force Attribute button along the bottom. This brings you to a stacked list of Attributes for that Plane.  Click the Attribute you wish to improve (it must be unlocked - start at the top).  If you have sufficient Tactical Points and have met all of the requirements for that Attribute, you can click the Research button at the bottom to improve that Attribute.

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