8-Hour Resource Point Aegis

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Protects your resource points (gathering) from being attacked or scouted

Much like a Command Center Aegis, a Resource Point Aegis protects any troops that are gathering at a Resource Point from being attacked or scouted.  Activating one Resource Point Aegis protects all of your gathering Resource Points.

How to get them:

One 8-Hour Resource Point Aegis can be collected for free on day 1 of the Self-Service Supply Depot event.  On that day you can choose one of: Random Teleport, 8-Hour Aegis, or 8-Hour Resource Point Aegis.

You can purchase 8-Hour Resource Point Aegis 

Where Qty. Cost Cost per 100 [US$] Notes
Event Center - Discount Shop 20 $10.00 $50.00  
Event Center - Witch's Tarot 2 $1.00 $50.00  
Item Store 40 2,000 AMS Points $50.00 This is at the 80% discount level.

(click here for notes on relative worth of AMS Points and Gold)

How to use them:

There are two ways to activate a Resource Point Aegis:

  1. From the Buff icon from the Main Screen.  Click the shield icon and HQ Protection is right at the top.  The second tab is the Resource Point Aegis tab, and it shows you if you have an active Resource Point Aegis up or not.  If you click on that tab, you can then select your 8-Hour selecting the duration you want, and clicking the Use button.
  2. You can also activate a Resource Point Aegis from your Item Inventory - select it and click Use. 

Important Notes:

Just like Command Center Aegis, the durations of multiple Resource Point Aegis do not stack  If you have a Resource Point Aegis of any duration activated, using another one on top of it does not add to the duration, it replaces the duration.  For example, if you have 1 hour of an 8-Hour Resource Point Aegis left, and you decide to use another 8-Hour Resource Point Aegis, you will result in only 8 hours of Resource Point Aegis, not 9 hours.  You will get a warning stating this if you try to do so.

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