Your Officers are the work-horses of the game, and are used for countless activities.  You need Officers to attack, participate in Special Operations, gather resources, and perform administrative duties.  Some Officers are easy to get, some are essentially impossible to get.

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Officers have a number of parameters which define how they can be used, and how strong they are at different activities:

  • Class: An Officer can have 1 of 4 classes: S, A, B, or C, with S being the most powerful, and C being the least powerful.  This is inherent to the specific officer, and while most Officers are only available at one particular class, some Officers can be Evolved to improve their Class.
  • Level: This measures how powerful your Officer is at battle, and how many troops it can lead into battle.  It's measured by the numeric value, usually from 1 to 120.
  • Skill: This measures how powerful your Officer's Battlefield Skills and Stage Skills are.  It's measured by the Roman numerals, from I to XII.
  • Rank: This is measured by the number of stars your Officer has, from 1 to 5 stars.  As your Officer gains Rank through Promotion, your Officer will gain more Battlefield Skills.  Your Officer must have a minimum Rank in order to increase their Officer Level as well.  
  • Classification: Officers are classified as either Deployment or Assignment.  Deployment refers to being sent out for battle or gathering resources.  Assignment refers to being Assigned to a high-level administrative duty in your Assignment Center.  While all Officers can be deployed for battle, some officers specialize at battle, and some officers have special attributes that make them very important to be assigned at your Assignment Center.
  • Material Type: Each Officer aligns with one of the following Promotion Material Types: Deployment, Military, Defense, Logistics, or Technology.  The specific type of Promotion Material must be used in order to Promote that Officer's Rank (star measurement).
  • Battlefield Skills: These are skills that are either used in battle, or when your Officer is Assigned in your Assignment Center (depending on the Officer Type).  Officers start out with no Battlefield Skills, and earn them as their Promotion Level increases.
  • Stage Skills: These skills are used in Special Operations, and can be activated during a Stage battle using Energy.  They are improved by increasing your Officer's Level.
  • Stage Skill - Unit Type: All Officers may be used in Special Operations, and each Officer deploys there as one of the four Troop Types (Vehicle, Copter, Commando, or Artillery).
  • Officer Talent: Officer Talent increases your Officer's Battlefield or Administrative Skills, depending on the Officer type.  Deployment Officers can specialize in battle against a particular Troop Type (Vehicle, Copter, Commando, or Artillery).  Administrative Officers can specialize in one of the four Administrative Departments (Logistics, Military, Technology, or Defense).  In order to increase your Officer's Talent you must consume one whole Officer.

Commander Class

The Commander tab of your Officer interface unlocks at HQ level 10, and allows you to select a Commander Class