Commander Class

Commander Class is unlocked at HQ level 10, and can be found by selecting the Officers screen, then selecting the Commander tab in the top-right..  This page has three sub-tabs: Class Skill, Class Aptitude, and Gems.  Under the Class Skill sub-tab you can select one of the three classes.

Commander Classes

  • Dark Assassin - buffs attack stats
  • Intel Expert - buffs defense stats
  • Hacker - buffs stats for leading and joining rally attacks

You may only have one class active at a time, although you can change your class using a Class Dictionary (which generally must be purchased).  Each class has 10 Class Skills and 4 Class Potentials, each of which provides buffs that align with the class focus (attack for Dark Assassin, HQ defense for Intel Expert, and rallies for Hacker).  The first 5 of the Class Skills can be unlocked for free simply by activating the Class, while the remaining Class Skills require Class Guides to unlock.  Once unlocked, Class Skills require Class Skill Tutorials to upgrade (upgrading improves the buff value).

The first time you go to your Commander Class Screen you will have to make your initial Class selection.


What to choose?  Well, if you're starting out new you probably want either Dark Assassin or Intel Expert.  Choose Dark Assassin if you want to focus on attacking other players, and choose Intel Expert if you wish to mainly be defensive.  In my experience the majority of players choose Dark Assassin.  As you increase in level, and if you are in a corps that tends towards large rallies you might want to change to the Hacker class.


Class Potentials

Each Class has 1 Default Potential and 3 Hidden Potentials.  The Hidden Potentials must be unlocked by selecting the correct combination of Class Skills.  To activate them, click on one of the three open skill slots in the top-middle of the screen, then select the correct three skills that correspond to the hidden potential.  Once a Class Potential is unlocked, it can be activated at any time by clicking on the active Class Potential.

Dark Assassin

As mentioned before, the Dark Assassin Class focuses on individual attacking buffs.

  • Remote Snipe - Deployed unit Attack +X%
  • Fire Scout - Deployed unit HP +X%
  • Fire Cover - Deployed unit Defense +X%
  • Quick March - Marching Speed +20%
  • Fortification Sabotage - Damage dealt by enemy defense facilities to your units -X%
  • Bold Leadership - Battle skill effects of A-quality officers in deployed units +X%
  • Bold Leadership II - Battle skill effects of S-quality officers in deployed units +X%
  • Field Bandage - Converts your dead to wounded when attacking.  The conversion ratio is X%
  • Precision Strike - Converts enemy wounded to dead when attacking.  The conversion ratio is X%
  • Outstanding Leadership - Deployment capacity +X%

Dark Assassin Class Potentials:

  • Default Class Potential: Battlefield Camouflage - Your officers' information will not be visible when deployed.
  • Hidden Class Potential: Armor Command - Vehicle damage to commandos +X% when attacking.
    • Formula: Remote Snipe + Quick March + Bold Leadership

  • Hidden Class Potential: Commando Command - Commandos damage to Copter +X% when attacking.
    • Formula: Fire Scout + Bold Leadership II + Precision Strike

  • Hidden Class Potential: Copter Command - Copter damage to vehicles +X% when attacking.
    • Formula: Fire Cover + Field Bandage + Outstanding Leadership

Intel Expert

Intel Expert skills focus on HQ defense.

  • Electronic Guide - Defending unit Attack +X%
  • Fake Target - Defending unit HP +X%
  • Electronic Mist - Defending unit Defense +X%
  • Fake Map - When attacked, enemy Marching Speed -X%
  • Phalanx Defense - Effective defense facilities +X%
  • Defense Cooperation - Skill effects of A-quality officers assigned to the Defense Department +X%
  • Defense Cooperation II - Skill effects of S-quality officers assigned to the Defense Department +X%
  • Healing Hindrance - Attacker's conversion from dead to wounded -X%
  • Nano Healing - Healing speed +X%
  • Precision Defense - Defense facility Attack +X%

Intel Expert Class Potentials:

  • Default Class Potential: Steganography - When scouted, your officers garrisoning the Defense Department will not be visible..
  • Hidden Class Potential: Healing Optimization - Hospital capacity +X%
    • Formula: Electronic Guide + Defense Cooperation + Healing Hindrance

  • Hidden Class Potential: Efficient Healing - Healing resource utilization rate +X%
    • Formula: Fake Target + Defense Cooperation II + Nano Healing

  • Hidden Class Potential: Total Defense - Defending unit Attack, Defense, and HP +X%.
    • Formula: Electronic Mist + Fake Map + Precision Defense


Hacker skills focus on either starting or participating in rally attacks against other players.

  • United Attack - Rallied unit Attack +X%
  • Rescue Team - Rallied unit HP +X%
  • Iron Defense - Rallied unit Defense +X%
  • Group March - After rallying, Marching Speed to destination +X%
  • Quick Rally - When responding to a rally, Marching Speed +X%
  • Devastation - When rallying to attack, converts enemy wounded to dead.  The conversion ratio is X%
  • Joint Leadership - When rallying, deployment capacity *X%
  • Powerful Penetration (ha!) - Enemy unit Attack -X%
  • Powerful Cover - Enemy unit Defense -X%
  • Powerful Support - Enemy unit HP -X%

Hacker Class Potentials:

  • Default Class Potential: Buff Share - Once you start a rally, the rallied units will share all of your unit buffs.  Can be used five times a day.
  • Hidden Class Potential: Total Reduction - Enemy unit Attack, Defense, and HP -X%
    • Formula: United Attack + Devastation + Joint Leadership

  • Hidden Class Potential: Joint Enhancement - Rallied unit Attack, Defense, and HP +X%
    • Formula: Rescue Team + Group March + Powerful Penetration

  • Hidden Class Potential: Kill Zone - When attacking players from other battlefields on your battlefield, converts enemy wounded to dead.  The conversion rate is X%.
    • Formula: Iron Defense + Powerful Cover + Powerful Support


Here are all of the Class Potential Formulas in one place.  Click on it to get a full size image.