Planes: Pegasus

Pegasus is the attack plane most beginners upgrade to first, since it is easy to get and very easy to max it's attributes.  Throw some Wild Roar gears on it and you can quickly and easily create a decently powerful attack plane that is more powerful than the Vampire or any of the utility planes (S-Wing, Storm Wind, and Shadow Airship).  For these reasons it's also commonly Garrisoned in the War Zone.


Pegasus is occasionally available from Events, so if you can be patient get it there.  It's a decent attack plane, not as strong as Ice Dragon or Arctic Sleigh, but a good amount better than Vampire.  It has some nice attack attributes when maxed, and it's the easiest to max out of all the planes.  I recommend you get it as cheaply as you can, and load it up with Wild Roar or similar gears.

Recommended Gears:

It's worthwhile to put decent attack gears on your Pegasus:

Where to get Pegasus Spare Parts:

Pegasus was available for free in the Christmas Sticker Activity for Christmas 2020 (each part cost 675 Smiley Seals).  Pegasus is also available from Recharge as a Hot Pack occasionally, 3 whole planes for $20 US, along with 2,000 New Energy, which is a very good deal.  Pegasus Spare Parts are frequently available from the Discount Shop Event, where you can buy a pack of 4 of each Spare Part for $5 (or 4 whole Pegasus Planes for $20), which is also a very good deal.  Finally, you can buy a Pegasus from the Plane Store in the Air Force Command Center for $50 US.


There is also an Pegasus Part Selection Chest that allows you to pick one of the four Pegasus Spare Parts.

You need 1 of each Spare Part to make a whole plane:

Pegasus Goggles
Pegasus Hooves
Pegasus Necklace
Pegasus Wings

Initial Core Attributes:

  • Initial core stats:
    • Armoring I: 0
    • Firepower: 5400
    • Energy:0
  • Initial Chip slots: 11

Air Force Attributes:

The Attributes of the Pegasus are primarily focused on Attack:

Plane Attribute Steps Buff Modifier Usage
Pegasus Artillery Firepower I 3 Artillery Attack +10% Attack
Pegasus Artillery Firepower II 5 Artillery Attack +45% Attack
Pegasus Commando Firepower I 3 Commando Attack +10% Attack
Pegasus Commando Firepower II 5 Commando Attack +45% Attack
Pegasus Accurate Shooting 5 Converts enemy wounded to dead +15% Attack
Pegasus Copter Firepower I 3 Copter Attack +10% Attack
Pegasus Copter Firepower II 5 Copter Attack +45% Attack
Pegasus Overall Weaken 5 Reduce enemy Unit Attack, Defense, and HP +15% Attack
Pegasus Combo 3 Temp. grants chance for combo attack +25% Attack
Pegasus Unit Firepower I 5 Unit Attack +5% Attack
Pegasus Unit Firepower II 5 Unit Attack +40% Attack
Pegasus Unit Defense I 5 Unit Defense +15% Attack
Pegasus Unit Defense II 5 Unit Defense +45% Attack
Pegasus Bounding Overwatch I 5 Unit HP +15% Attack
Pegasus Bounding Overwatch II 5 Unit HP +45% Attack
Pegasus Vehicle Firepower I 3 Vehicle Attack +10% Attack
Pegasus Vehicle Firepower II 5 Vehicle Attack +45% Attack
Pegasus Defensive Radar I 3 Defense Facility Attack +10% Defense
Pegasus Defensive Radar II 5 Defense Facility Attack +45% Defense
  Total Steps: 83 (Approximately 20.3M Air Force Points)    

When all Attributes are maxed:

Buff Modifier Usage
Unit Attack +100% Attack
Unit Defense +60% Attack
Unit HP +60% Attack
Defense Facility Attack +55% Defense
Reduce enemy Unit Attack, Defense, and HP +15% Attack
Converts enemy wounded to dead +15% Attack
Temp. grants chance for combo attack +25% Attack

Plane Special Skills:

Plane Special Skills are buffs that can be activated manually and last for a limited time. They have a "cool-off" period (which is usually 24 hours, but might be less) such that they can only be used once until the cooldown period expires. Many of these are quite powerful, one-time buffs that can be activated for the next attack. These skills are only available when you have maxed out the specific Plane's Attribute.  To activate the Special Skill, go to the Battlefield Screen and click the icon in the lower-left corner with an officer hat and a plane: 

Pegasus has the Combo Special Skill which, when activated, temporarily grants a chance for your units to inflict a combo when attacking.

Pegasus's Combo skill can be enhanced by improving your Chairman of the Joint Staff Command Department.

NOTE: You do not have to use the Plane that has the Special Skill in your march in order to reap the benefits of that skill, you only need to activate it.  Put another way, you can activate the Special Skill for one plane and use a different plane and still get the benefit of that Special Skill.  I have verified this.

EXP needed to upgrade level:

Level New Energy Cost
1 1,000
2 1,100
3 1,210
4 1,335
5 1,470
6 1,620
7 1,785
8 1,965
9 2,165
10 2,275
11 3,185
12 4,460
13 6,245
14 8,745
15 12,245
16 17,145
17 24,000
18 33,600
19 47,040
20 49,410
21 51,885
22 54,475
23 57,195
24 60,055
25 63,060
26 66,210
27 69,520
28 73,000
29 76,650
30 80,480
31 84,505
32 88,730
33 93,165
34 97,825
35 102,715
36 107,850
37 113,245
38 118,905
39 124,850
40 131,095
41 137,650
42 144,530
43 151,760
44 159,345
45 167,315
46 175,680
47 184,465
48 193,685
49 203,370

Total EXP to max:

New Energy: 26,785

General Plane Promotion Material can be used to Promote Planes (increase their star level).  Pegasus requires the following General Plane Promotion Material:

  •  2 Stars: 150
  •  3 Stars: 300
  •  4 Stars: ?
  •  5 Stars: ?

Air Force Cultivation Card Cost:

Planes can be promoted by purchasing Air Force Cultivation Cards from the Premium Gift Card Event.  The cost for 1 star for Pegasus is $50 US.

Plane Specific Pilots?

Pegasus has specific pilots that give it bonuses:

  • General White
  • Farrel
  • Mitchell