Army Men Strike (AMS) Beginner's FAQ

This page provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions that Beginners might have regarding Army Men Strike (AMS). If you have a question that isn't answered here, send an email to and I will do my best to add your question (and answer) to this page.


What are Personalized Appearances (such as Turtle Warship)?

Turtle Warship is a Personalized Appearance for your truck.  It gives bonuses, as do many of the Personalized Appearances.

Assignment Center

What is the difference between Command and Assign in Assignment Center?

Assignment comes first (it's available when you start the game), and only Assignment type officers can be placed there.  Taking Defense, for example: Only the officers assigned there take part in a battle when you are attacked.  Assigned officers apply their skill buffs to your player.  For instance Captain Glory has Guardian's Resolve - that is only in effect when Captain Glory is Assigned in your Assignment Center.

Officers Assigned cannot be used for other functions (attack, gather).

Command selection is somewhat less important (but not unimportant).  You can select any officer for those positions, and the highest level and star value of the officers selected give you more buffs.  You want as high star value as possible, then high level.

There are, however, "Specified Officers" for each Command section.  Click the small "?" in the lower portion of the screen to find out which are the specified officers for any given command section.  For instance, Quartermasters prefer Bull and Chris.  If you have high star values on both of them, and you use both of them, you can get the lower list of buffs too.  In that case you can buff Gold Gathering Speed if you have at least 6 stars combined for your Bull and Chris.

If you use officers besides Bull and Chris, and they have at least 5 stars total between them, you buff Plastic Production.


Is it a good idea to have buffer troops? For instance if my maximum troop level is level 5, should I include some level 1 and 2 troops in my attack march as well?

Yes, layering is a very good tactic.  You can have up to 35 different types of troops.  What you're describing is called a meat shield.  You still need higher level troops in a decent percentage.  I'd use 75% higher level troops and 25% lower level if you do that.  Experiment is the best way.

With that being said let’s turn the tables. If I get hit and have a whole bunch of T1 and T2 level troops and the rest high levels (5, 6, 7, etc...) will my hospitals protect the higher level troops? Will the lower level troops die first?

Your low level troops get attacked and will be killed/wounded first.  Battle in AMS is round based, and starts with the lowest level troops.  The remaining troops live on to fight in the next round.  The lower level troops get the brunt of the attack.

If I get attacked and fill up my hospitals, and then I start my troops healing, and then I get hit again, does my hospital fill back up?

Your hospitals are like regular hospitals.  If they're full they can't take any more so what's left over dies.  If you get hit, heal all of your wounded troops and empty the hospitals, then get attacked again, your hospitals will be ready for that second attack.  If you get hit once, fill the hospitals, and don't get a chance to empty them, then get hit again, any troops wounded above your hospital capacity will die.  Healing works as all or nothing - you don't heal troops by the singles.  If you select 10k troops to heal, all 10k of them must heal before your hospital is empty and you can accept more troops.

Why is my defense line broken when I log into game yet I have aegis up and no trace of attack?

If you're in a corps, it's likely that your corps started the "Tan Army Onslaught" (used to be called the "Turkey Event").  This is an event that is started by your corps leaders where waves of Tan Armies attack your entire corps over the course of about 2 and a half hours.  There are 25 waves, with each wave getting stronger and stronger.  Each corps member gains points for surviving each wave.  If a player loses twice to the Tan Army the waves stop for them (although it continues for other surviving members).  The good news is that none of your troops are killed, they are only wounded, so you can heal them.

Can your troops be attacked while gathering in your corps depot?

No, your troops cannot be attacked while gathering in the corps depot.  Even in the case where someone attacks your Headquarters and kills all of your troops there, the troops inside the corps depot will be safe.  Troops gathering at resource tiles, however, can be attacked unless you are using a Resource Aegis.


Is it possible to send out more than two marches to gather resources?

Yes, you can get more than two marches, but it takes some work.  Here are the ways to add marches:


  • Tier 1 - Combat I - Legion I (+1)
  • Tier 1 - Combat I - Legion II (+1)
  • Tier 3 - Combat III - Legion III (+1)

Assignment Center - Command - Operator (must have 4 Specified Officers and at least 16 stars) (+1)


  • VIP 8 (+1)
  • VIP 15 (+1)
  • VIP 20 (+1)
  • VIP 22 (+1)
  • VIP 26 (+1)
Is it possible for gathering troops to be attacked?

If they are not protected by a Resource Aegis then yes, they can be attacked by other players.

How can I protect my troops from being attacked when they are gathering?

You can use a Resource Point Aegis, although they must be purchased.  A Resource Point Aegis lasts for 8 hours, and using one protects all of your gathering points for the entire duration.  To use one, you can either go to the Buffs icon (upper-left corner of your screen), or you can go to your Items and find it there.  You activate them from either one of those two interfaces, not at the resource tile.  Resource Point Aegis can be purchased in the Item Store (2,000 AMS Points for 40 of them).  They are also available in packs under Recharge.

How do I find out what server I'm on?

Go to your Commander Info screen by clicking on your avatar on the top-left corner of the screen. There is a barcode along the right side of the screen towards the top, with a "Battlefield" label underneath it (e.g. "ZSC-S556").  Your battlefield number is the last three numeric digits in that string (556 in this example).

How do I permanently move my Headquarters to a different battlefield?

You can only permanently move to a different Battlefield within the first 6 days of account creation as long as your Command Center is below level 6.  When your Headquarters reaches level 4 you will be given a Newbie Teleport.  To use your Newbie Teleport, go to the Battlefield map, then find the World Map icon in the lower-left corner.  Clicking on the World Map will bring up a map of all available battlefields - you can also search for them by number using the search icon in the upper-right corner.  After you select a Battlefield, and you meet all the requirements, you can permanently teleport to that new Battlefield.

Once your HQ reaches level 6 or you have played for more than 6 days, your unused Newbie Teleport will disappear and you will no longer be able to change your Battlefield.

How do I locate someone on the Battlefield quickly?

If the player you are looking for is in your corps it's relatively easy: Go to your Corps Menu and click on Member along the bottom row.  Find the person you wish to locate in the list of your corps members (it helps to know which rank they are, but isn't necessary).  Once you've found them there, click on their card and select Resource Assistance.  You actually have to send the Resource Assistance, and it will take you to the Battlefield screen with your screen focused on the player.  You can then withdraw the Resource Assistance if you want to.

If they are in your corps but not in your hive you can also try to use the Battlefield Map to try to find them.  Your corps members will be shown on the Battlefield Map as a blue cone (green for your Corps Leader, yellow for you).  You can check out the corps members that aren't in the cluster that's your hive until you find the one you're looking for.  This is obviously less precise than the Resource Assistance method.

If the person you are looking for is not in your corps it's much more difficult.  Scanning the entire field is the brute force method, but it takes a very long time and unless you are very precise with your scan you'll probably miss them.  It's definitely not quick.  If you are searching during Silver or Deep weekend, you can try to use the Silver Individual Ranking from the War Game Recruit Room building.  The Silver Ranking updates every 1 hour and 30 minutes, and if you click on the tan arrow next to the player's name it takes you to the location on the Battlefield that the player was at when it reset.  If the player is still there you're in luck.

If you know the corps the player is in, and you know the location on the battlefield of the corps hive, you can scan there for them and you might be able to find them easily.  If they are not at their hive, however, you're out of luck and must scan the field.

One interesting way to find members of a rival corps is to wait until their corps is running the Tan Army Onslaught.  This sends out white attack lines to every member of their corps, and you can trace them from their hive out to the far reaches of the field to find the players who don't stay at the hive.  You can then bookmark them for later use.

Why is my name and level number green on the Battlefield while other players' are either blue or white?

It's cosmetic, to help you identify your HQ.  Your corps members names are in blue and non-corps players are in white for the same reason - to help you quickly identify friends and foes.

How do I move (teleport) to a different place on the Battlefield?

If you want to move to a specific place, you must have an Advanced Teleport.  You can get Advanced Teleport items in many places, however the cheapest place to get them is at the Arms Dealer (however it's random).  You can buy them in the Item Store for AMS Points (which cost real money).  If you are in a corps you can get them in the Corps Store for 400,000 Corps Honor.  You can sometimes buy them in packs (and sometimes for a very good price if you are patient).

Once you have an Advanced Teleport, select the location on the Battlefield you want to move to.  It must be a 2x2 square of space that is clear of other players, toys, and obstacles.  Touch the place you want to go, and a dialogue box will come up that allows you to select from "Occupy", "Teleport", or "Teleport Invitation".  Click "Teleport" and the 2x2 square you've selected it will illuminate.  If any of the spots in the square are red you've selected an invalid place to move - it's not clear, so try another spot.  If all of the spots in the square are green you've selected a valid place to move to, and the Teleport box will be purple - click it, and you're there.

You can also use Random Teleports, which moves you to some random place on the Battlefield.  Finally, you can use a Corps Teleport (also called a "Cuddle Port"), which will move you to the open spot nearest to your Corps Leader.

How do I get resources (such as paint and plastic) from the Battlefield?

This is called gathering.  Find an available resource tile (it will look like a tube of paint, or a Lego piece sitting on the battlefield, for instance) and click on it.  You will be given an option to "Gather" - click that button and choose the officers, plane, and troops you wish to send to gather, then click "Deploy".  A march will be sent out to that resource tile (you will see a green-arrow line going from your Headquarters to the resource tile).  Once it reaches the tile it will start gathering.  You can click on the gathering resource tile to see how it's doing, and you can even recall your gathering troops before they're done.  If you let them, the troops will gather either until they can't hold any more resources, or until the resource point is empty.  When either of these happen your march will automatically come home, and the resources they've gathered will be added to your resource inventory (shown along the top of your screen).


What does Bug Killer Premium Mode do?

Bug Killer Premium Mode uses 5 Marbles per shot and gives you better Rewards for each bug you kill.  It costs $19.99 USD and lasts forever.  Once you have purchased it you can switch between Normal and Premium Mode.


How do I get more hospitals?

You have to build them in your Command Center.  Hospitals go with the buildings in the resource field, the area to the lower-right of your Command Center, along with the Paint Factories, etc...  You must have an open plot to build a new hospital.  You can only have a maximum of 8 hospitals total.

It's important to have as many hospitals as you can (all 8 if possible), and upgrade them to the maximum level possible (up to the same level as your HQ).  This provides enough space for as many wounded troops as possible during battle.  If you don't have enough space in your hospitals for your wounded troops, they die instantly and permanently (although you can train new troops).

Do I have to upgrade every hospital to it’s highest available level to get the max benefit, or can just one of them be the highest level and the others lower levels?


Is there private messaging in this game?

Yes, there is private messaging, however it is labeled "Group Chat".  To start a private message with one player click Create Group Chat and select only that player.  You can also start a private messaging with a player by clicking on their Headquarters on the Battlefield screen, then Commander Details, then Initiate a Chat.

How do I block a player who is sending inappropriate messages?

Tap on any content in the message sent by the other player and you will find the "Block" button. Click it to block all messages from that player. This player will also be added to your Blocked Users list. The Blocked Users List can be found in your Commander Settings (Avatar - Settings - Blocked Users).

Note that the Block function only blocks a player from sending you messages. It does not prevent you from being attacked by that player.

If you want to restore communications with a blocked player, go to your Blocked Users list and click the Unblock option.

Command Center

What does the Little Train do? Does it have a purpose?

Most of the time the Little Train is cosmetic, however a couple times each week it can provide a buff when activated - look for the golden icon along the left of the screen (shown on the Main Screen).


I accidentally ignored an Invite from a corps - how can I undo this?

Unfortunately you can't, however the corps can send another invite.  I would reach out to the person who invited you (or an R4 or R5 from the corps) and let them know what happened.  It's common, and they can send you another easily.

What things can I do to best contribute to a corps?

From the Joining a Corps page:

  • Press the Help button (Corps - Corps Help - Help All)
  • Read Important Notification (Corps - Important Notification) - these are notes and instructions written by the leaders of your Corps.
  • Follow the rules set up by your Corps Commander
  • Research Sign of Unity (under Core I) - it helps your Corps grow in members.
  • Attack Corps Bosses (McDevils and EM Knights) when they are summoned.
  • Participate in Fanatic General and Goblin Raids, and Raids on enemy players.
  • Participate in Silver and Deep Events
  • Participate in Counterattack competition.
  • Send Friendship Points.
  • Complete Corps Quests to earn Corps Supplies and Tech Spare Parts.
  • Kill Evil Toys, which sends out gifts to every Corps member.
  • Grow in Power to help maintain your Corps' status on the Battlefield.
  • Follow the Aegis guidelines for your Corps - if your Corps Commander asks you to stay bubbled, do so.  It prevents you from being attacked by rival Corps, and prevents your Resources from being pillaged.  Corps may have a policy of protecting Corps members, but it's costly to do so.  If you stay bubbled, you remove this drain on Corps resources.
  • Transport Chests (Corps - Corps Chest)
  • Protect your fellow Corps members when they are being attacked by:
    • Reinforcing them if their bubble drops
    • Attacking players who are attacking them.
One of the tasks in Chapter 6 of the Tutorial is "Perform Corps Resource Assistance 1 Times". How do I do this?

First of all you must be in a corps to share resources (see Joining a Corps for help there).  Second, you must have an Exchange building constructed.  The Exchange building can only be placed in one of the three building plots immediately to left of your HQ in your Command Center.  Next, you can click on your Exchange building and select Resource Assistance.  You will be provided with a list of your corps members.  Alternately, you can go to the Battlefield Screen and find one of your corps members there.  Click on their HQ and one of the options will be Resource Assistance.  It helps if the corps member you are sending resources to is close to you, as resource marches are pretty slow.  Select Resource Assistance, then select which resource you wish to send to them, and select the amount you wish to send.  Then click the button at the bottom.  Your HQ will send a resource march out to that corps member then return.

How do I leave a Corps?

Click on the Corps menu tab in the lower-right corner, then click on Manage (again, lower-right corner).  Click the Quit Corps icon.

How do I change my Corps?

First you must leave the Corps you're currently in - see above.  Next, send a private message to an R4 or R5 member of the Corps you wish to join and ask them to send you a Corps Invitation.  The Corps Invitation will arrive in your Mail (icon along the lower Menu Tab) under Corps.  You can accept the invitation there.

You can also send a Corps Application: find a player that is in the corps you wish to join and click on their HQ.  Select Commander Details, then Corps.  You can also find the Corps in the Rankings list in the upper-left corner of the screen.  If you meet the Corps Requirements (usually a minimum HQ level and Power rating) you can send an application to join the corps there.  The leader gets a message notifying them that you've applied, and they can either accept or reject your application.

How do I increase my Rank in my Corps?

Someone in your Corps who is ranked at least 2 levels higher than you must increase your rank to the next level.  For instance, an R4 can increase your rank from R2 to R3 (but they can't make you R4).  An R5 can promote you to any rank from R1-R4, and they can demote you too.

As for what makes this happen: be useful to your Corps and you can get promoted.  Check out the list above regarding things to do to contribute to your Corps.  Practice good bubbling habits.  Participate in Silver and Deep events.  Participate in Fanatic General and Goblin rallies.  If your Corps leaders think you are helpful, reliable, and trustworthy you might be eligible for a promotion.  If you think you are worthy, you can ask a leader for a promotion (but don't be a pest).

Increased Corps Rank brings with it increased responsibility.  As you increase in rank  you can perform additional Corps functions, such as spawning a Corps EM Knight, or leading attacks.  You will be expected to communicate well with your fellow Corps members.

Becoming an R4 is a pretty big deal - it means you are part of the leading council for your Corps, and you will have earned your rank.  You will have established a high level of trust with the R5 and other R4 members.  You will be expected to be active and helpful, participate in as many battles as you can, including raids and rallies against other rival players and Corps.

Can I invite my friend to my Corps?

Only if you have sufficient permissions to send a Corps Invitation, which usually requires R4 or R5.  If you are not high enough rank you can still message your Corps Leaders to request that they send an invite to your friend (they will need the player's Battlefield coordinates to send the invitation.)  You will likely be expected to vouch for that player, for their trustworthiness and that they will provide value to your Corps.

Can I create my own Corps?

You sure can, as long as you are not currently in a Corps, and your HQ is level 5 or higher (levels 5-7 require 200 gold to create a Corps, while HQ levels 8 and higher can create a Corps for free).  Click on the Corps menu tab in the bottom-right corner.  If you are eligible to create your own corps, there will be a button at the bottom labeled Create Corps.  Click there, and the process begins.  You will need to select a name for your Corps and a slogan.  Other players will see both of these, so make them appropriate.  The language of the Corps will be set to your current language by default, although you can change that in Corps Settings.

What does Corps Help do? How is it useful?

Corps Help provides assistance to your fellow Corps members when they are performing tasks such as Construction, Research, or Healing Troops, by decreasing the time it takes for them to finish those tasks.  First, the Corps member starts one of those tasks, then clicks on the help icon (holding hands) above the building in question.  At that point everyone in the Corps will be eligible to help the member.  In fact, those Corps members who are online at the time will automatically send help to that member, and they can even do so again manually (effectively sending two help actions).  When Corps member A helps Corps member B, Corps member B receives an instant speedup on all of the active tasks that they have requested help for.  The duration of the time Corps member B gains on those actions depends on the building level of their own Nexus, along with any buffs they have (especially from Gingerbread Man-X or Dr. S when one of them is assigned to the Technology Department - their Ambassador skill adds time to the amount of help received).  Corps Member B can also receive help from multiple Corps members - limited again by the level of their own Nexus.  The help provided does not depend at all on the skills or level of Corps member A.


When is the daily server reset time?

Game Time is aligned with Coordinated Universal time, or UTC time zone.  Server Reset happens each day at Midnight UTC. To calculate when it is for you, you must convert UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) to your time zone, taking into account Daylight Savings Time (if that applies in your region). UTC does not follow Daylight Savings Time, while most of the United States does. Daylight Savings Time runs from early March through early November (generally).

What is the main web page of Army Men Strike?

Volcano Games main presence is on Facebook at

More relevant web pages can be found on our External Links page.


Are items in your inventory safe from attacks?

Yes, all items in your inventory are safe from attacks from other players.  The only things that can be taken from you in an attack are:

  • Resources (Paint, Plastic, Electricity, Metal, Spray)
  • Silver
  • Officers can be captured.
What does "rss" mean?

"Rss" is shorthand for Resources (Paint, Plastic, Electricity, and Metal).

What is the best thing to spend gold on?

There are many, many ways to spend your gold, however there are definitely preferable ways to spend it, especially when you are starting out.  Here are some tips:

  • The Arms Dealer has some good bargains.  Two of the most important items you can have are Aegis and Advanced Teleports, and both of these are available for purchase at the Arms Dealer.  A 24-Hour Aegis can be bought at the Arms Dealer at -60% off for 400 gold.  Advanced Teleports can be purchased there at -60% off for 800 gold.  Both of these are pretty good deals.
  • The Lucky Treasure Event runs on Saturdays and Sundays.  In Lucky Treasure you spend gold to spin a wheel for random rewards, including Officer fragments, Training Dummies, Personalized Appearances, Development Material, and Merit Medals.  This Event is the absolute cheapest way to obtain Merit Medals, which allow you to increase the skill of your Officers - a big bonus.
  • If you have a decent amount of gold you can also buy items from the Item Store.  I especially like to buy the 5k Stamina Cans (each costs 200 gold).  You can also buy VIP Points here, although they're somewhat expensive.
  • If you know you are going to be away from the game for a little while and don't want to be pillaged, you can also buy 3-Day and 7-Day Aegis from the Item Store.  A 3-Day Aegis costs 2,500 gold, while a 7-Day Aegis costs 4,500 gold.  If you've saved up enough gold, this can give you some peace of mind if you're going to be unable to play for a bit and can plan for it.
What are Tan Army Keys for? How do I get them?

Tan Army Keys are required to open Tan Army Chests, something you'll end up with quite a lot of if you play for a while.

Unfortunately, Tan Army Keys can only be purchased with real money.  They usually come in packs of 10 for $9.99, so they're about $1 each.  Each Tan Army Chest has a 1.5% chance of giving a full Eric officer, and a 1.5% chance of giving a full Roger, so if you play the odds you'd have to buy 33 of them in order to get one full officer.  I don't think this is a very good deal, so I would not recommend bothering with them.

What is Feat used for? How do I get it?

Feat is used to upgrade your Command Departments in the Assignment Center.  There are three ways to get Feat:

  1. You are rewarded Feat when you successfully attack another player and win.  You can only earn a certain amount of Feat (no more than 30,000 per 7 days) in this way.
  2. Feat is sometimes a reward in War of Time - this is the best way to earn a lot of Feat quickly.
  3. Feat can be purchased in Packs.
I have a Resource Point Aegis in my inventory - how do I use it? What does it do?

A Resource Point Aegis protects your troops from being attacked while you are gathering.  As the description says, the 8-Hour Resource Point Aegis lasts 8 hours.

To use it, go to your Item Inventory (the double row of boxes along the bottom of your screen), and find your Resource Point Aegis items.  You can click the Buff filter to find it more easily.  Click on the item, and click the Use button that appears.  All of your Resource Point Gatherings will be protected for the 8-hour duration.

How do I use an Aegis shield on resource tiles?

You have to use a special type of Aegis, called a Resource Point Aegis, and you don't activate it from the resource tile itself.  A Resource Point Aegis protects your troops from being attacked while you are gathering.  As the description says, the 8-Hour Resource Point Aegis lasts 8 hours.

There are two ways to activate a Resource Point Aegis:

  1. From the Buff icon from the Main Screen.  Click the shield icon and HQ Protection is right at the top.  The second tab is the Resource Point Aegis tab, and it shows you if you have an active Resource Point Aegis up or not.  If you click on that tab, you can then select your 8-Hour selecting the duration you want, and clicking the Use button.
  2. You can also activate a Resource Point Aegis from your Item Inventory. Go to your Item Inventory (the double row of boxes along the bottom of your screen), and find your Resource Point Aegis items.  You can click the Buff filter to find it more easily.  Click on the item, and click the Use button that appears.  All of your Resource Point Gatherings will be protected for the 8-hour duration.


Which officers are best for Research?

Eric is the most important officer for Research, hands down.

Which officers are best for Defense?
Which officers are best for battle?
In the Assignment Center, which officers do you use?

Assign is unlocked when you start the game (HQ level 1) - Initial Officers:

Command Assignment (unlocked at HQ Lvl 8)

How do I promote officers?

You need what's called Promotion Material - the various suitcases with symbols on the front.  They come in 6 varieties: General, Deployment, Military, Defense, Logistics, and Technology.  These items can frequently be gotten from Special Operations, although they can also be purchased from packs.  To promote an officer, go to the Officer tab along the bottom, then click on the officer you wish to promote.  Click on the Promote tab along the bottom, and it will tell you the required material needed to promote the officer to the next star level.  Promoting officers increases the number of stars they have, and unlocks additional Battlefield skills.  Promoting an officer to 5 stars also requires 5-Star Medals.  Once promoted to 5 stars, their Officer Talent is unlocked.

I've noticed that sometimes the promotion material cost for promoting officers is reduced. Why is that? What causes it?

Each day of the week brings about a different Battlefield Buff, and what you're seeing is likely due to the Officer Promotion buff on Sundays. The Daily Battlefield Buffs coincide with what Ace is for that day. Each day begins at reset, and the buffs and Ace focus is as follows:

Day of the Week Focus Ace Points Earned by Battlefield Buffs
Monday Toy Day Ace Points are gained by Attacking Toys (you don't need to kill them). While there is no Battlefield Buff, Mondays are usually accompanied by a Little Train Buff for Recruitment.  Check your Army Men Strike Studio mail messages for details on which one.
Tuesday Gathering Day Ace Points are earned by Gathering Resources.  Note that you earn points when you bring the gathering march home, not when you start.  Therefore, you can start your gatherings well in advance, as long as they finish just after Gathering Day starts. No Battlefield Buff
Wednesday Construction Day Ace Points are gained for Building and Research Speedups (you don't need to finish them!). Cheap Construction: The resource cost to start a construction build is reduced by 99%.  NOTE: This does not apply to Spades or Advanced Blueprints (unfortunately!).
Thursday Research Day

Points are gained for power increases due to Construction and Research tasks finishing.

Quick tip: Speed your Research tasks up on Wednesday such that they finish just after reset on Thursday.  That way you earn Ace Points for the speedups on Wednesday, and you earn Ace Points for the power increase on Thursday.

Cheap Research: The resource cost of Research is reduced by 99%. Thursday is also usually accompanied by a Little Train Buff of either Administration or Military Tech Points. Thursday also *usually* (but not always!) has a Battlefield Buff that doubles the EXP provided by Officer Prestige materials.
Friday Troop Training Day Ace points are gained by creating troops (only releasing them, not starting them!) You also gain points by opening troop packs if you have them. Cheap Troop Training: The resource cost of training troops is reduced by 50%.
Saturday Purge / Deep (Kill Day) Ace points are gained by killing troops (usually both yours and your opponents). Cheap Troop Training: The resource cost of training troops is reduced by 50%.
Sunday Purge / Deep + Officer Day Ace points are gained by killing troops (usually both yours and your opponents).

Cheap Officer Upgrades:

  • Double EXP gained for Training Dummies,
  • Double Merit gained for using Merit Medals,
  • Double promotion is gained for Promotion Materials.

There is an additional Battlefield Buff of Doubling the effect of using Air Force Tactical Points.









Check your Army Men Strike Studio Mail for the weekly Event Preview messages to be certain what buffs your battlefield has.

Is an Officer the same as a Hero?

Yes, these are different terms for the same thing.  AMS sometimes uses different terms for different world regions, and I believe they use the term Hero in Europe.  It's also possible that the translation from different languages calls them Heroes instead of Officers.

How can I give one of my officers to another player?

Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer officers from one player to another in any permanent capacity.

However, it is possible to "lend" officers to corps members in two different ways:

  1. Reinforcing: If you click on a corps member's HQ on the Battlefield you will notice one of the available actions is "Reinforcements".  If you click here you can send some of your officers and troops to help defend that player if they are attacked.  While the officers and troops are still yours, they can stay for a while at the other player's HQ (and therefore they are not available to you!), and they will assist your comrade if they are attacked by another player.  Your troops can be wounded and/or killed if that other player is attacked, however your officers cannot be captured.  Your troops can be sent back by the other player, and you can bring them home by finding the march in your march lists and clicking the Home button.  Your troops will also automatically be sent back to you if the other player uses a Teleport.
  2. Assisting in Counterattack: If a corps member sends you a request for aid in Counterattack, you can temporarily send two of your officers to that player to participate in their Counterattack missions.  Sending your officers in this way does not take them from your HQ, so you can still use them in every way yourself.
How can I get Training Dummies to level up my officers?

There are numerous ways to get Training Dummies, which are used to increase the Level of your Officers. Here are a few ways to get them:

  1. Killing Toys
  2. Special Operations - Strongholds (the yellow flags or yellow lookout towers)
  3. Special Operations - Counterattack - making attacks against the enemy lines
  4. Special Operations - Counterattack - Loot Store (purchased with Counterattack Loot)
  5. Friendship Shop (purchased with friendship points)
  6. Chests from killing Fanatic Generals and Goblins
  7. In the Silver Store, to be purchased with Silver
  8. Recycling other officers (BE CAREFUL HERE!)
  9. Arms Dealer (usually costs gold)
  10. Lucky Treasure (in Events on Saturdays and Sundays, costs gold)
  11. Purchasing them in packs (costs real money)
Is there a difference between Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Man-X?

Yes, each are completely separate officers, with slightly different abilities.  Gingerbread Man has the battlefield skills Joint Command, Construction Master, and Construction Guide, while Gingerbread Man-X has the battlefield skills Ambassador, Construction Master, and Tactics Guide.

This goes for any of the "-X" officers that have corresponding non-X variants:

Note that some officers are "-X" only:

Player Info

What does it mean when your power bar is red?

This is verified to be a glitch. Your power is supposed to temporarily flash red when you take damage, but by design it's supposed to go back to yellow. Sometimes a cache bug prevents it from returning to yellow, leaving it red. It signifies nothing except that you have taken damage and the glitch has happened.  If you close the game and open it back up again your red power numbers will return to yellow.


What should I focus on for research?

This is a complicated question, and the answer depends on what you want to accomplish. 

  • If you plan on fighting a lot, you could work on Combat I and Defense I.
  • I feel that resources are the backbone of all of your efforts, so I like to focus on Resource I.  You can improve your Resource Factory production rate, your Resource Point gathering rate, and the amount of resources protected by your Moneybox.
  • Development I increases your efficiency at attacking toys, and helps with Construction.
  • If you are interested in Joining a Corps, Core I might be important for you - the Sign of Unity skill helps your Corps have more players, and can be very valuable to a new Corps.
Is there a way to get a second research + building queue except for buying the monthly pack?

No, unfortunately not.


Is there any reason not to spend VIP points immediately?

Nope, use them as soon as you get them.  I usually keep a couple of 10 pointers around to satisfy corps quests.

Can attackers take your gold?


How can I transfer resources to another player faster and more efficiently (without losing so much)?

The quickest way to transfer resources from one player to another is to let them attack you. You can't be in the same corps (you can't attack your corps members), so one of you might have to drop tags for a bit. You might also want to hide your troops, either in a rally or by gathering. If your field is combative at the moment you might want to find a quiet place on the battlefield to make the transfer so you won't be attacked by other players.

If you're transferring resources using Resource Assistance it's a lot slower, but there are still things you can do to increase your transfer rate and reduce the tax rate.


How do I get the Boxing Duck Robot?

First you have to get the Turnkey Item that unlocks Boxing Duck, then you have to Activate it.

The quickest and most immediate way to get the Boxing Duck Turnkey is to spend money.  Click on the Boxing Duck in your Command Center (to the left of the Arms Dealer), then click Buy Spare Parts.  You can then buy the part for $4.99.


The other way to get the Boxing Duck Spare Part is by the Happy Purchase Bonus Event.  Happy Purchase happens about once a month, maybe a bit less frequently.  During Happy Purchase you can trade 16M Plastic or Paint, plus 400 gold for 1 Boxing Duck Spare Part.  Of course, this assumes that you have 16M Plastic or Paint, which you might not have as you're starting out.

Once you have the Spare Part, go back to your Robot Building (the Boxing Duck in your Command Center, left of the Arms Dealer) and the Buy Spare Parts button will change to Activate.  Click on that, and you will have your Boxing Duck Robot.


What are Evil Toys in this game, and how do I defeat them?

Evil Toys are the rogue toys stationed around the Battlefield. They show up as a tan group of army men, a pair of aliens, a waddling duck, a chomping plant, a small toy robot, as a few examples. You attack them by clicking on them and then selecting the red Attack button along the bottom.  Attacking toys requires Stamina, shown by the green indicator line in the attack dialog.  If you have enough stamina (the cost is shown in the Attack button) you can launch your attack. Click Attack, then select your officers, plane, and troops.  You will want to select as many high level officers as you can.  You will also want to send as many troops as your march will hold.  Once you've set your march, click the Deploy button and off you go.  Your march will travel from your HQ to the toy - once it reaches there the battle will be relatively instantaneous.  You can't really lose a battle with a toy, however it's possible to do damage but not enough to kill it.  Your march will then travel home. If you kill the toy (do more damage than the toy has HP) it will turn into a resource tile that you can then gather from.  If your first attack doesn't kill the toy you can keep attacking it until you kill it or you run out of stamina.  Stamina does replenish automatically, but slowly.  There are items that instantly give you more stamina.

You can't always attack every toy out there on the Battlefield.  Some toys are too high of a level for you, and you need to open higher level Expedition Mastery in your Medal Talents.  When you start out you can only attack the level 1 Tan Army.  There are also Fanatic Generals and Goblins out there that can't be attacked by only one player - they require a Rally.

One of the tasks in the tutorial says I need to attack a level 2 evil toy - how do I find one?

First go to your Battlefield Screen.  Find the green radar in the lower right corner (it could also be a yellow treasure chest), then select the type of toy (doll, animal, plant, etc...) you wish to find and the level of toy you're looking for.

Where can Stamina be purchased?

Stamina can be purchased in a couple of places:

  • Items - Store - Resources (5k cans for 200 gold, limit changes based on HQ level - starts at 2 (HQ 10), goes to 50?)
  • Corps - Corps Store (5k cans for 40,000 corps honor, limit 10)
What are the risks of attacking toys?

If you have not selected Lossless Expeditions for Expedition Medal II in your Medal Talents, troops attacking toys can be wounded.  Fortunately, as long as you have room in your hospitals, they do not die.  If you have selected Lossless Expeditions there are no risks, since no troops are even wounded, you only lose stamina.  Attack away!

What are the risks of attacking Fanatic Generals and Goblins?

Lossless Expeditions doesn't apply here, so your troops will likely be wounded.  Again, however, as long as you have room in your hospitals they do not die, they are only wounded.  Just make sure you have room in your hospitals and you're good to go.  Attacking both does cost stamina (although if you have an EOD officer in your march it will be much less!), and if you lose the battle you still lose the spent stamina, however stamina regenerates.  The rewards for attacking toys, Fanatic Generals, and Goblins greatly outweighs the costs.