Joining a Corps

Pretty soon you’ll need to join a corps. You don’t have to stay in the corps you first select. Just being in a corps opens up new activities and gives you bonuses.  You will probably start getting Corps Invitations, and you can decide whether or not to accept them.

A good way to see the more powerful corps is to check the Battlefield Rankings. On the Battlefield screen, click on the icon in the upper left that looks like it has 3 placement banners (2-1-3). Select Battlefield at the top, and check out the Power rankings. You will see the corps listed in order of highest power. Being in a high power corps isn’t necessarily the best thing - corps personality is also important, but you won’t know that until you’ve experienced it for a while. You can tell a bit about the corps personality by their description, and also how they talk in Battlefield Chat. At HQ level 8 you can start using player-to-player chat, and you can reach out to a commander of the corps and ask to join their Corps. They will want some things from you too: they will want to know that you are active - at least logging on every day to help out the corps. They will want to see that you are loyal and that you play the game intelligently. They will want to see you go to battle with them in support of the corps. Many corps want you to participate in Deep Battle - more on that later.

When you join a corps, they will want you to teleport to their hive.  The General of the corps can send you a Teleport Invitation, and you can use a Corps Teleport (also known as Cuddle Port) to teleport near them.

You gain some rewards just by joining a corps, and a ton of new activities are unlocked.  One of the most valuable are Corps Gifts.  Go to your Corps screen (the icon with the flag in the lower-right corner) and find Corps Gifts.  These are free rewards you get when your corps accomplishes certain tasks.  Be sure to open them, as they expire after 24 hours.

Things to do when you've joined a Corps:

  • Help your Corps members.  Click on Corps, then Corps Help, then click the Help All button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Request help for your Research and Building tasks.
  • Claim Corps Gifts.  If you have activated VIP, you can use the "Claim All and Delete" button.  Otherwise, you have to open and delete each one individually.
  • Perform Corps Quests.  This helps your corps gain Corps Supplies and Corps Tech Points.  Click on Corps, then Corps Quests.  There are numerous easy Corps Quests, including Special Operations, Corps Trade, Corps Gathering, Corps Help, and Reinforcing.
  • Participate in Rallies against Fanatic Generals
  • Attack the EM Knight - batteries first, then the center Boss.
  • Once you join a Corps, you can access Counterattack.  This is helpful for numerous reasons, one of the biggest is that you can purchase a 24 hour Aegis once per day for 100 Loot.  
  • At HQ level 9 you can start gathering from the Corps Resource Depot.

Joining and staying in a Corps

Once you've joined a Corps, should you stay there?  Corps loyalty is important, and jumping around different Corps is generally noticed and frowned upon. However, if your Corps is not active, you might be better off trying to join another one.  Corps chemistry is also important - is the Corps too demanding for your playing style?  Are they too lazy?  Do you like/dislike the Corps leader?  If you don't get along well with the Corps leaders or other members, it might be worthwhile to find another one, especially if the relationships are causing you to not enjoy the game.  Another strong indicator as to whether or not you should find another Corps is if you're not getting helps on your Construction or Research tasks.  If you've started a task and asked for help, and many hours later you haven't gotten your full contingent of helps from your Corps, it's probably not very active and you should find a new Corps to join.  

If you see a bunch of people leaving the Corps it's likely the corps is dying and you'd best leave as well.

How to Support your Corps:

  • Press the Help button (Corps - Corps Help - Help All)
  • Read Important Notification (Corps - Important Notification) - these are notes and instructions written by the leaders of your Corps.
  • Follow the rules set up by your Corps Commander
  • Research Sign of Unity (under Core I) - it helps your Corps grow in members.
  • Attack Corps Bosses (McDevils and EM Knights) when they are summoned.
  • Participate in Fanatic General and Goblin Raids, and Raids on enemy players.
  • Participate in Silver and Deep Events
  • Participate in Counterattack competition.
  • Send Friendship Points.
  • Complete Corps Quests to earn Corps Supplies and Tech Spare Parts.
  • Kill Evil Toys, which sends out gifts to every Corps member.
  • Grow in Power to help maintain your Corps' status on the Battlefield.
  • Follow the Aegis guidelines for your Corps - if your Corps Commander asks you to stay bubbled, do so.  It prevents you from being attacked by rival Corps, and prevents your Resources from being pillaged.  Corps may have a policy of protecting Corps members, but it's costly to do so.  If you stay bubbled, you remove this drain on Corps resources.
  • Transport Chests (Corps - Corps Chest)
  • Protect your fellow Corps members when they are being attacked by:
    • Reinforcing them if their bubble drops
    • Attacking players who are attacking them.